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    Don't know what has transpired since your last post, but I doubt you have gotten a replacement bbl, nor are you likely to for several reasons.
    1. the importers/distributors did not get parts, just complete pistols.
    2. P.38/P 1 bbls are bringing around $150+/- and are not easy to find.
    I would guess that the best you will do is to get a $50, MABY? if you're real lucky, $75 rebate.
    IF you keep the pistol and decide to look for a replacement bbl be careful about buying a P 1 bbl because not all will fit without some rework.
    No one has said anything, but your pistol is an RC import.
    I have owned and shot a lot of P.38s over the years and can't remember ever having one that was not accurate. I however like the Browning HP a lot better so that is my carry/shooter.
    Oh, and I currently have about 70 P.38s and 5 P 1s in the collection.
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    if you want all numbers to match your going to have to keep that barrel. (it's the serial number) which is stamped on each component.
    I have a Walther (ac) of 1944 production, with a "d" stamp showing it was produced in April of that year. (2 months before D-Day). it's a war trophy that I inherited. all matching numbers except the mag. (sure wish I had that too).
    it's a bit rough in the machine finish, but that late in the game they were not concerned with making pretty guns, only functioning weapons. the fit and function of mine is very good if not close to excellent. accuracy is also very good.

    whatever you do, keep the barrel as a standby since it's numbers match the frame.
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    P38 1st Range report

    Your on the money on replacement barrels i found Sarge, i was kinda hoping
    PALMETTO STATE ARMORY would give me some kind of rebate, but after sending them photos like they requested + phone calls and more emails asking them ta just say yea or nay, i gave up after a week or more of no replies.

    Thanks for the heads up on the P-1 barrels.
    Their ad said many were RC guns so that didn't bother me when mine turned out to be, i was just glad to find it with matching #'s and in such excellent condition (except the bad bore).

    Yes deadzero there ways no way i was separating the barrel from the pistol.

    WOW! 70 P-38s and 5 P-1s, well all of you who said it would be a good shooter were right.
    I only had Tula ammo in one bullet weight to try and i think i heard the pistol growl as i fed it Russian ammo :)! The trigger had no creep or over travel but is pretty heavy, (maxed out my RCBS 72 oz. gauge) I'm guessing 5-6 lbs, the pistol is way more accurate than i was shooting.


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    Almost forgot, no FTF and didn't adjust sights...wonderful pistol!!

    I give it :):):):):) out of 5.

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    Russian ammo thru a German pistol... wow... I couldn't do it... don't want to deal with an angry ghost in my safe... :)
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    Your results may vary. My P1 is by far the most accurate 9mm I have ever owned. That would include a rather distinguished list of duty and off duty 9mm's, including Smiths, Colts, & Glocks. Not to say these were bad, the P38 is just that good. Good luck.
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    I have a CYQ too... It has a lot of tooling marks (made in 1945)... It has the brown bakelite grip too... It was in mint condition, and came with a magazine made in "Mauser Werke"...
    I probe it and it works perfectly, very accurate with all kind of factory ammo...
    When I bought it, I send a mail to the Walther factory, asking to him, about the exactly date of fabrication... They Answered to me, that "the factory was captured by american troops", and the stole all the guns of the museum an all material about stadistic... So they recomended to me that try to found data in Usa... LOL
    I think you will not have any kind of problems shooting with this... it is almost new too... The Spreewerk P-38 it is an excellent gun... Just enjoy it ...Good Luck
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    Here's the P.38 that took me so long to get my hands on. I had been looking for years, but the price was always out of my reach for my requirements. Finally I found the exact year and manufacturer I needed to match my uncle's Kar98 "bring back", Byf43. All of the serials match and is from late 1943 and the holster is marked 43 but not the same serial. No import markings. Though it did not come with a mag (well I don't count the pro-mag the guy had) I was able to find the correct byf and year mag for her. The byf mags were not serial numbered at that stage so I like to imagine it was the original mag being re-acquainted haha.


    Unfortunately her shooting days are over for now. That is unless the zombies reanimate.
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    My Newest Acquisition

    That is until tomorrow when I go to the gun shop and get my Winchester M1917 Enfield out of layaway that I found when I got my P.38 Thursday. But since this is a Walther thread, I will post what I have come to post. Pics of my new Russian Capture P.38

    I found her back in early November for $495. Barrel is nice and bright, just had a little debris in it from being stored. Looks like all original parts except one guide rod was aluminum. Took it to the range yesterday morning, put about 150 rounds of 115gr Winchester ammo through it before that aluminum guide rod mushroomed and held the recoil spring back and failed to chamber the next round, so I called it an early day. The (lack of a better term) retard working the gun counter at the range asked me why I stopped so early and I told him what happened.. He told me it would be fine to shoot still. I wanted to smack him. There was no way I was going to shoot that Winchester stuff with one operating spring. It seemed pretty potent (Compared to Remington, Magtech and S&B loads I've used before in my SIG 229), even in the heavy P.38, so I wasn't going to risk shooting it. I have gotten the spring and guide rod out and ordered some new guide rods.

    The trigger pull is terrible, The SA pull is about the equivalent of the DA pull on my 229, but even at 50 feet and emptying an 8 round mag in about 3.5 seconds, it balances real well and stays on target for such a rough, yet reliable sidearm. I wouldn't mind carrying it as an open carry piece just because of how nice it feels when aiming and firing it.

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    Great choice. Mine's loaded an ready always since 1973. My pocket and pillow gun.

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    P38 luger grab this up 450 dollars all matching 20200421_233729.jpg 20200421_233708.jpg
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    S&W used the P-38 to design their first 9MM the S&W 39. My Spreewerk P-38 and S&W 39-2 are related.:D

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    That is too bad. The P-1 Border Guard 9MM is a much improved handgun over the P-38. I own many P-38 Milsurps. But for shooting I choose the P-1.
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