P-90 firing pin removal

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    One of my co-workers brought in his P-90 and asked if I knew how the firing pin was removed. I have no experience with one of these. Can anyone help?
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    Firing pin removal... p-90

    This, in my opinion is the hardest part to remove on a Ruger P-series pistol. I assume no liability or responsibility for the following information. I am not a Ruger armorer. This is for informational purposes only. My experience for the most part, has been with the safety version of the p-90 Ruger.

    Now that I've gotton that out of the way... do the following:

    Field strip the p-90 after removing the magazine and performing a safety check. This information is in the Ruger manual.

    After removing the slide, place it in a padded vice. Remove the rear sight by unscrewing the allen head screw and, using a brass punch and hammer, tap the rear sight out of it's dovetail...(I believe to the left).

    Upon removal, (this can be difficult!), secure the firing pin safety and spring which is under the rear sight. Remove slide from the padded vice.

    Remove the extractor by engaging the hook with the flat tip of a small screwdriver or a flat piece of hard nylon. Pull forward, canting the extractor slightly, (very slightly), outward. The exctractor should come out in the direction of the muzzle.

    The safety version of the p-90 has two safety levers, one on either side of the slide. Before doing the following, you must press down on the firing pin from the slide rear to relieve the spring tension:
    The left side removes by being rotated up, then downward, then pulled out from the slide. There should be witness lines in the slide which show the path of removal. The right side should come out of the slide now with little effort. These parts fit together in the slide and hold the firing pin in place. When removing the right lever, get ready for the firing pin and spring to release. If you are not ready... they will go to "spring heaven" because you will probably never find them. I suggest performing this last step with a ziplock bag over the back of the slide.

    The firing pin channel should be cleaned before re-installing the firing pin and spring. I say this because after doing this you may not want to it again.

    The decocker version, (of which I have only a little experience), has a pin on the inside of the slide that must be removed to relieve the tension of the decocker spring, which is a leaf spring. To remove this pin, remove the right side first, (don't forget to press the firing pin), then press down on the left decocking lever, the firing pin, and use a pair of needle nose pliars to push the decocker pin out. don't forget the bag, because both the decocker spring and the firing pin (and spring) will come flying.

    Reassemble in reverse order.

    Check your manual and learn the part names. The parts with an * be VERY careful with. These are restricted parts that Ruger will not release to the public. Lose or break these and it's off to Prescott, AZ with your p-90.

    Brownell's sells a nice takedown guide for the p-89 DC which serves as a great guide for the p-90, since most of the parts are the same. Brownell's part #551-000-012.

    Please forgive me if my information is a little hard to follow, it has been a while since I've stripped a Ruger p-series slide.

    Hope this helps,


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    In my 50+ years, I have found there are some things most mortal men shouldn't mess with. This sure sounds like one of those things.