P14 parts?

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  1. Hi all,
    I am considering buying a "sporterized" P14 that I saw at a local gunshow...The stock is shortened, and I believe the original front sights have been removed and "Bubba'd".
    My question is, does anyone know of a source for original parts for these rifles, or I am just wasting my time looking?
    The guy wants $125 for it, not sure of the bore condition etc, but if I can restore it, I'd definately look at it more closely. I've searched Numrich, and they didn't even have a listing for P14s (or M17s for that matter)...any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Enfield trader

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    Is the barrel cut? Barrels and stocks are very hard to find

    any pics of the front sight area you can get to post?

  3. I actually had seen it at the past 3 gun gunshows, and was going to look more closely if I saw it at the show this weekend. I'm not very familiar with the P14 (I'm an Enfield guy), so I'm not sure if the barrel has been cut. Any idea on the length of one so I could check? The front sight has definately been altered though:ugh:
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    numrich does have a listing for 1917's , listed under U. S. military , most 17 parts will work , mag box , bolt , extractor are different . don't know about sights and I think they have some P-14 parts also ebay usualy has some parts up for bid good luck jrhweldon

    just checked , numrich does list P-14 under enfield on thier website , don't know what you need but it might be there good luck jrhweldon
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    Hello thumperpaul,
    Did you pick up the P-14??? If so I have some parts including the stock. I built a custom .416Rem Mag on this action back in 89 and have some parts around here somewhere. I may not be able to find all the parts but I do know where the stock is:). Take care and God bless. cordell
  6. Hi cordell
    Unfortunately, when I went to the show, the P14 was nowhere to be found. Ironically, had it been, at another table, there was a new barrel (minus the front sights) for a P14 that cost only $40....:sad2:.It never fails; I should have known to act on my first impulse and bought the rifle when I first saw it. (oh, well)
    Many thanks for your kind offer!
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    Not a problem!!!! I have been in the same situation on many occasions. Take care and God bless. cordell