P22 Safety Problems

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by 10MikeyMike, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. 10MikeyMike

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    Has anyone found a fix for the P22 safety problem? I've read a couple of posts where P22 owners were experiencing a problem with the safewty falling into the SAFE position whie shooting. I've tried Loc-Tite on the screws and I've even made the detent holes in the slide deeper. This has helped bot not entirely cured the problem. Does anyone know if the factoryt has been successful in overcoming this problem?
  2. wise_owl

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    I have put a few thousands rounds through my P22 without facing that problem. I think it is not a global one, but yes, I have seen many posts describing the same problem. I keep my pistol on "Fire" mode all the time, even with a round in the chamber the DA trigger is heavy enough to keep me feeling safe from an accidental discharge. May just keeping it in Fire mode all the time and not playing around with the safety would help ??

  3. Mico

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    I came up with an effective solution: Sell the gun and buy something else.