P220 feeding problem

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by Huh? What?, Sep 26, 2010.

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    I've carried my Sig P220 for the last 25 years. Never had a feed problem that didn't trace back to the ammo. Labor day weekend I had it out at the range, shooting with a friend. At first it was fine. After about fifty rounds, it started having problems. Every few rounds the slide would stop just shy of fully forward. I took it apart when I got it home to find the slide lock spring broken in half. It was jamming the slide back. I have a new spring on the way from Brownell's. After 25 years of use, stuff happens. I'll order the rest of the springs next payday, and replace them all.
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    It sounds like you probably solved your own problem if the gun has made it as well as you say it did for a quarter century id say its a pretty good gun that lives up to the Sig name.

    I was about to say to replace your springs but then you already beat me too it in your post lol.

    A gun is a machine and just like any other mechanical device it wears out over time and parts need to be replaced.