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I have two P32s an early one that is hard chromed and a late one that is blued. Both guns were originally blued, I sent the early one in for hard chrome many years ago it has held up well.. The early P32 had a different slide profile and the sights were integral with the slide. The extractor on the early model was a long extractor with a heavy recessed coilspring the extractor is pinned to the slide and the firing pin was retained with an allen head set screw. The front of the slide is different on the early P32 in that the piece that the recoil guide runs through is dovetailed to the slide and the later one it is one piece. The later P32 has a rectangular profile and the barrel locks like a SIG using the barrel hood as a locking member. The extractor uses an external spring like the P3AT and PF9, they work well.

20201014_ktP32A.jpg 20201014_ktp32b.jpg Inked20201014_KTp32_LI.jpg 20201014_ktp32no.jpg 20201015_KTP32Mzzl.jpg
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