P38 decoding help?

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    Hi everyone!
    I'm new to the forum - and I'm looking for some help in decoding the build date and location of my new (to me) P38! Hope you guys can help! Here is what is on the gun - that I have found in looking it over.
    On the safety side of the slide it is stamped with:
    P38, cyq (might be a g?), 9774W
    On the same side of the gun , above the trigger, it again has the serial # of 9774, followed by some strange character that I can only best describe as a lower case letter "b" tilted at a 45 to the right, followed by what looks to be almost something like a small airplane coming head on with the numbers 135 under it.
    On the opposite side, there is what appears to be that small airplane looking symbol again with an 88 under it. Next to it appears to be an stamping of an eagle on top of the world (if that makes sense).
    I am really curious if the year and build location of this gun can be determined from this info!
    Also - any idea what this might be worth? Thanks in advance!
    (This is soooooo cool!)
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    Good Lord, what a small world!! I'm originally from Dover!!

    You have it right. That is the manufacturer's code. I think "CYQ" was Mauser, although it might be Spreewerke. I'm not sure.

    It's an eagle. The marking is the Waffenampt stamp. The acceptance stamp for the NSDAP.

    Not sure, but it sounds like a Luftwaffe acceptance marking.

    Again, another Luftwaffe mark.

    It's probably the NSDAP party stampimg "eagle holding a swastaka".

    It makes perfect sense. Yow have a wartime P38. Manufactured by either Mauser or Spreewerke, made late in the war for the Luftwaffe.

    Now, some of this is guesswork on my part, but if you go to:


    They will answer all your questions!!!
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    Thank you for the insite!
    I appreciate the breakdown in what some of the markings mean and by all means - I will be checking out the site you mentioned.
    Originally from Dover eh? I moved here 7 years ago to work at Greer. I'm originally from Michigan (Saginaw area) - but I do like this area - and LOVE the Tusco Rifle Club!!!
    Thanks once again for the help!
    Todd (Can't wait to go play with the new toy!) Daenzer
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    Hi Rebel1,

    What you have is a mismatched WWII P.38 made up from parts manufacturered by Spreewerke (the cyq manufacturer’s code) and Mauser

    The 9774 w on the slide is the slide serial number and serial number suffix. There should be three marks on the right side of the slide, an eagle over the number 88 (E/88 in collector speak), an eagle over a swastika, and again an E/88. The E/88 is the stamp of the German Army inspector at Spreewerke, indicating the pistol was inspected and found acceptable.

    The 9774 b on the frame is the frame serial number and suffix. The eagle over 135 (E/135) is the is the stamp of the German Army inspector at the Mauser factory, where the frame was made.

    Despite both the frame and slide having the number 9774, what you have is a mismatched pistol where the frame and slide were made by different factories, years apart. The barrel should also have a serial number, on the front, right under the barrel tube.

    Hope this helps some!

    Warm regards,