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P38 grips?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by rooster3, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. rooster3

    rooster3 G&G Newbie

    is there anywhere online i can get new grips preferrably wooden for my P38 postwar? also im interested in putting anew finish on it any recommendations would be appreciated,links would be great also! If im not mistaken the P38postwar isnt really of any value so i wouldnt be messing up a vauable gun correct?
  2. Abwehr

    Abwehr G&G Newbie


    I can certainly help you on the refinishing of your P.38. One of the best restoration experts I know is Mr. Ted Green. Take a look at his website <> I sure hope the address shows up!

    Ted has been one of the top Luger restoration experts and has now started to restore the post was P.38s. He can also provide you with a set of wood grips, or you can purchase them yourself from Nill-Grif ( a German company who manufacures top of the line grips, but they are expensive) or you can try Gun Parts Corp for them.

    Hope this info helps little.


  3. rooster3

    rooster3 G&G Newbie