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    why cant i find 40 cal mags for the p94? every thing i see for the 94 is in 9mm? every thing i find in 40 cal is listed as p944. can some one explain this to me?

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    You're killing me...... I searched for over an hour for an answer to your question. I own a 944TH, and I tried to find out what the difference was between your gun and mine.

    Here's your magazine by the way:
    MidwayUSA - ProMag Magazine Ruger P94 40 S&W 10-Round Steel Silver

    And HERE it is for your 94 AND my 944:
    MidwayUSA - ProMag Magazine Ruger P91, P94, P944, PC4 40 S&W 10-Round Steel Blue
    OR here is the Ruger mag:
    MidwayUSA - Ruger Magazine Ruger P91, P94, P944, PC4 40 S&W 10-Round Steel Blue

    And here's a little something about the 93/94:
    Trim, slim, and with just a bit of raciness thrown in for good measure was the next P-series handgun to be offered--the P-93 9mm. This new pistol was slightly more compact than previous P-series autos but featured the same inherent accuracy as its bigger cousins. The front end of the frame was also given a slight taper, which greatly aided in holstering the weapon and looked good to boot. A .40 caliber version soon followed, designated the P-94, which was basically the same handgun as the P-93, just in a different caliber.

    Couldn't tell you why one is only listed for the P94, while the other is listed for both....AND they are 2 different part numbers.