PA-63 Parts?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Tim F, Aug 9, 2002.

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    After 600 rounds my FEG fianlly gave me a problem. On a recent outing after a few rounds the Hammer would not move forward (drop) from the fully extended position. I removed the magazine and removed the chambered round by use of the slide. Then attempted to dry-fire. The hammer still would not come forward. I then field stripped the firearm. In the stripped condition the hammer would drop easily. I then reassembled the firearm and chambered another round, again it fired once, then no more. The firearm was field stripped again, and I then examined the slide. I noticed that the pin fitted in the safety lever that contacts the slide had worked its way loose. It was caught up with the firing pin also. I gently tapped the right side of the slide to set the pin back in position, and reassembled the firearm. The firearm then functioned fine for another five rounds, then it happened again. It happened 10 times in a box of Wolf 109 and a half box of Barnaul. I then tried firing with the pin completely removed and there were no problems.

    My question is: "Is this pin necessary?" I have yet to find it on any parts diagrams or parts lists. I wonder if it is it like the elusive firing pin pressure spring and sleeve (that appear on diagrams), where its not needed? My PA-63 is a CAI import with a serial starting with "HB", for anyone curious.