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PA-63 Spring replacement - how to

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JPM, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. JPM

    JPM G&G Newbie

    This is based on a Walther PP/PPK stock Hammer Spring and Makarov 17# recoil spring. I got mine from Wolff Gunsprings who are maybe going to do PA-63 specific spring sets - write & ask, and we may get bumped closer to the head of the line.

    Warnings & Cautions!!!!

    There are a couple of reports of replacement hammer springs generating insufficient force to set of primers. One case was some older Norinco ammo, the other was current Russian production. The Norinco is suspected to be a case of 'Hard Primers' (see any CZ-52 ammo thread to hear more abot that topic), the Russian is a puzzler.....

    A few cases have been reported of Mak recoil springs not fitting. I don't have a handle on the hows & whys here. In my own case I had to 'tighten' the first turn in the spring a fraction so that it would grip the barrel.

    so......perform this mod at your own risk! If you use this weapon for self defense or concealed carry, I would put at least 100+ rounds of FMJ & a couple dozen of your carry round through it before relying on the weapon to save your life.

    Now, that said, here we go....

    The Recoil Spring is pretty easy to replace. If you remove the slide, trecoil spring should just slide off of the barrel, although you may need to 'twist' it a bit.

    The hammer spring is a bit trickier.

    1) Remove the grip panels & take a look at the hammer spring area. There is a small plug at the base of the grip, held in place by a small pin that goes from left to right.

    2) Remove the pin by pushing on it. It should slide pretty easily. The plug will now shoot out of the bottom of the grip & fly across the room - catch it before it goes far ;).

    3) When the plug drops out, the hammer spring & strut should drop out with it. Swap the spring & assembly is just the reverse of disassembly.

    Warning - there are a couple of pins that hold the trigger sear in place on either side of the frame. These fall out very easily, as they are actually held inplace only by the grip panels. Be Very Careful not to lose these!

    Good luck & let us know how it works for you!