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Pa 63??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jer2003, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. jer2003

    jer2003 G&G Newbie

    I have 3 Maks, and am going to AZ and will visit J&G.
    I am considering getting a PA 63 while I am there. I have never handled one, and haave the idea that the light weight would be nice to carry. However, I read that they are finicky about ammo.

    You who have them, do you like them, and would you buy one again at the current prices?

  2. JPM

    JPM G&G Newbie


    I've had mine as a carry piece for a couple years now. I'm very happy with it & yes would buy one again. The weight to easy, the feel in my hand is ok. Recoil can be a bit sharp until you get used to it.

    Check out some other threads for advice on improving the DA trigger pull.

    Spare parts are out there, but hard to find sometimes. Try KBI (the FEG Importer) for most stuff....

    You'll have no trouble with ammo if you stick to FMJ. For hollowpoints, check out this forum or else the Makarov forum on the Gunboards list.

    I've used Hornady for carry ammo (XTP Hollowpoints) with no trouble at all.


  3. jer2003

    jer2003 G&G Newbie

    Thanks very much. I just may pick up one at J&G.
  4. nick

    nick G&G Newbie

    put a new recoil spring and a hammer spring on my pa-63 big improvement groups nice ammo wise never had a problem
  5. PA-63

    These pistols are not as common as they were a year ago. This was the first semi-auto I ever purchased (about a year ago); I paid $110. I am selling mine in a few months for $130. I hate to do it, but I am turning around and buying a CZ 83 9x18 and need the $.

    I may not sell the PA-63 though, because I will never have such a good pistol again for that little investment. You MUST get the replacement +10% recoil spring kit from This transforms this gun from a pocket rocket to a real joy to shoot.

    The FEG pistols in 9X18 are the lightest pistols in this caliber. I believe the PA-63 is the lightest of all. The slide has an extremely durable finish and the aluminum frame has no finish to destroy. You can usually stick the PA-63 in a pocket without hurting the gun's finish.

    Avoid bullet weights heavier than Wolf 109 gr FMJ. This round is plently hot in this pistol; more felt recoil than US commercial JHPs. Sellier & Bellot commercial ammo works best in the PA-63, and it is a good source of brass. S&B is tolerable with the stock spring. Speer Blazer is also a good practice round, but it is not reloadable.

    Biggest disadvantages: Minimal sights. Weak stock spring. Lots of sharp edges (incl. mags). The PA-63 is a 'tweener: it is bigger than a true pocket pistol, and not much smaller than the new compacts. Terrible DA trigger. Mil surp PMs can be of higher quality of fit and finish than almost brand new PA-63s. (By the same token, find a Makarov of the same quality of fit and finish as the CZ and Radom offerings).

    Still, I think the PA-63 is just about the only $100-odd pistol that I would trust to save my life. (Before someone mentions "real" Makarovs, find me a $110 Makarov and I'll buy it!) PA-63s have a reputation as the poor cousins of the Makarov caliber family, but I find this untrue. PA-63s with stock springs do match up poorly with other pistols in this caliber, but this is easily fixed. They NEED the replacement spring. PA-63s have some features (such as the anodized aluminum frame) that no other 9X18 possesses. The PA-63 "points" better than many of the pistols in this caliber.

    In the final analysis, the PA-63 is the only real option if you're looking to spend around $100. $200-300 to spend on a pistol will put you in a league where the PA-63 is no longer the most attractive option. If I had 3 PMs, I would be looking at a CZ or Radom, not a PA-63 (unless price was a major factor).
  6. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    I do not disagree with you about the value of the pistol. But, I think the ergonomics (sp) of the grip frame is terrible. This is possibly the most uncomfortable pistol I have ever fired. I have ground on the back strap and polished, but this gun still bites my hand. I definately prefer the Mak, but my carry piece is a Bersa Thunder .380. I only paid $80 for my PA63, so it is a keeper, but I have a real problem with the grip purchase and the way the gun rides in my hand. It has a tendency to roll out, because of the lower part of the back strap. If FEG had made this more along the lines of a CZ50 or CZ70, it would have been more popular. As it is, it hurts to shoot it. But, I will say this, it is totally reliable, and if I did not have anything else, I would feel totally protected, being armed with this pistol. Heck, I even bought spare mags for it!:D
  7. Talk to JPM about grips--big improvement in my PA 63. Spring kit will lessen the bite of the recoil.
  8. DougW

    DougW G&G Newbie

    Alan C., can you send me the address for JPM?
  9. Comfort of PA-63

    For me, the replacement spring kit from did the job by itself. I never bought the replacement grips because I didn't need to after the spring upgrade.

    Sticking to bullet weights under 100 gr helps with the bite as well. Wolf and Silver Bear are the worst offenders. S&B is tolerable with the stock spring for me. The replacement springs made Hornady factory ammo and S&B very comfortable (both are 95 gr as I recall).

    I cannot stress enough that you are looking at an apples/oranges difference in these pistols by going to +10% springs. This small investment transforms a "cheap gun" into a real value.
  10. JPM

    JPM G&G Newbie