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Pa 63

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by alan c., Mar 18, 2002.

  1. ok guys where are all the 63 shooters from the old format???:confused:
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  2. JPM

    JPM G&G Newbie

    Finally made it!


  3. Brian Lavin

    Brian Lavin G&G Newbie

    I don't show up for a few days and you go and change on me!;)
    No, it's ok, I like this format better anyway.
    Maybe now I'll be able to post a pic of the purpleheart grips John made for my PA-63.:cool:
  4. Another PA63'er

    I own two PA-63s - one for me and one for the fiance. Just ordered a set of grips for the fiance's in Jatoba - can't wait to get them.
  5. JPM, brian, DrEd glad to see you could make it. brian i sure would like to see those purpleheart grips that john made for you. DrEd i also just ordered a set of jatoba grips for my PA 63. are you going to finish them yourself or have john do them ?. and john as always it's a pleasure to hear from you. i think everyone on old feg forum was talking about hammer pull and recoil before it changed format.---- sorry about the long message guys. thank you and god bless.:cool:
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  6. Jatoba Grips

    I ordered them unfinished. I wanted a go at it myself. At JPM's recommendation, I'll use Tung Oil - which I searched high and low for everywhere but finally found at WalMart of all places. Can't wait to get them in for sure.

    What's everyone's favorite ammo for the PA63? I've been using Barnaul, tried Wolf and CCI and am now looking for Hornady, Fiocchi, and S&B to try before I order a case of something.

    Also, anyone try white dotting their PA63's sights? Does it do any good for increased accuracy?

  7. Brian Lavin

    Brian Lavin G&G Newbie

    I have used S&B with good results, can't seem to find anyone selling the Fiocchi in 9x18, though I saw it listed on their website.
    I've been getting the S&B from Natchez, best prices I've found. I have not used Wolf, mostly because the range I shoot at most of the time doesn't allow it. I have tried the CCI Blazer HP and they feed ok, just too expensive locally. Have not seen any Barnual.
    Fiocchi 9x18 is something I'd really like to get my hands on, as I have used their .45 and .357 stuff and like it a lot.
  8. Natchez

    Is Natchez on the net or is that local? Do you have their address? I've been looking at,, and shopping around for other pricing. Thanks.

  9. PA 63 grips

    thanks for the input. i think i'll finish my grips with TRU-OIL. i have had good results with it on my gun stocks. as far as ammo. i'm not sure what i've been shooting through my 63. haven't been to the gun range in a while.:(
  10. Brian Lavin

    Brian Lavin G&G Newbie

    Yup, Natchez has a website and a paper catalog. The web addy is
    I get their 9mm, 9x18 and .45 S&B. The 9mm is the best deal at 4.99 per 50. They have also had some great CCI deals. They've been out of 9x18 for several weeks, when it shows up again I'm gonna buy as much as I can afford.
    Oh, by the way, when I finished off the grips that John made me, I used a product called Liberon Finishing oil. Works well, don't know what it's make up is, but the guys in the local wood working specialty place said it was very good stuff and I agree.
    Alan, sorry about you not shooting your '63 lately, hope you get to soon.
  11. r_p_bayly

    r_p_bayly G&G Newbie

    Ammo - I have used barnhaul and LVE greenbox, both from Dan's. good service, good price, no problems. Grip - I finished my walnut grip from John with BLO. Came our great - looks great - still "hurts". Have just added a Hogue handall slip-on on top of the wood grips- feels great- have not shot it yet.
    See my pic at

    or below (if it works now)
  12. rp bayly, I can't access the picture to your PA63 - anyone else having the same trouble?

    I checked out the Natchez site - sold out like you said - I'm a relatively new shooter and Barnaul seems to be the least expensive when you buy in bulk - I'll grab a bunch of that until I gain more experience.

    Anyone use Uncle Mike's direct for holsters? I'm on day 12 waiting for one for my fiance's 63 and it's yet to show up. They haven't responded to my email yet either.

    If you have a linkf for the Hogue handall grip I'd sure appreciate it - my fiance's hand was sore after this past weekend's shooting - I was going to get her a shooting glove from Uncle Mike's but I want to make sure I get the holster before I order from them again.

  13. r_p_Bayly's Pic

    I went to Yahoogroups on the Makarov lists page - saw the picture - Looks real nice with the wood grips.

  14. DrEd could you walk me through the steps so i can view r-p-Bayly's grips.... i have a hogue slip on grip on my 63 and plus a shooting glove. the grip really doesn't help that much. i had to soak the grip in very hot water just to get it on. when my new grips come in the hogue is history. don't want to cover up john's craftsmanship. has anybody been bitten by the slide on your 63.
    if i grip the pistol a little to hi--ouch hence shooting glove.
    DrEd i already tried yahoo groups couldn't get makarov to come up. thank you gentleman.
  15. almost forgot welcome r-p- to the new and improved g-n-g.
  16. ok DrEd i think i finally got where i was going. i had to join makarov 2 club to view 3 pa 63 pic. 2 one tone pistols and 1 two tone with cool looking wood grips. is that one r-p-bayly's.
    r-p- i think the yahoo address has changed.
  17. Glove, grips, yahoo

    My first outing with my 63 was with the Sheriff's office when we took the concealed permit course through them. During the lecture portion, the lead instructor was going over revolvers vs semi-autos and he said "When you shoot a semi-auto hand positioning is extremely important. If your grip is too high that slide will come back and be like two knives running down your thumb."

    "That would suck.", I said to my fiance.

    First shot. Three deputies behind me. That slide shot back and sliced two nice parallel incisions in the web between my thumb and index finger. I bled all over my 63, my fiance's revolver, the deputy's HK .45, .38 special.

    You're not alone. :rolleyes:

    Saw your other post - yup you had to join the group to see the picture in the archive.

    I don't want to cover up the grips either when I get them - Uncle Mike's has a good looking glove - cut off finger with gel insert. I'll get one for the fiance. The kick back doesn't seem to bother me (yet) and if it does she can shoot her revolver while I shoot the 63.

    I got the holster for her 63 today from uncle mike's - not too bad. I still love the falco double rig black leather shoulder dealy I got for mine.:cool:
  18. r_p_bayly

    r_p_bayly G&G Newbie

    Alan: thanks for the welcome. Yes, the gold,blue with walnut grip PA63 photo is mine. I shot Thursday with the handall on top of John's grips (full size handall- not the Jr.)
    That was a big improvement- get up to 30 rounds before the "hurt" and flinch get me (used to be only 1 magazine).
    Still working on that.
    One new problem has showed up, though- has anyone else run into this? With the wood grips, the trigger won't reset completely forward when I decock the thing with the safety. I was trying to work on my double-action shots (my accuracy DA sucks). If I shoot once and decodk- the trigger hangs up half-way between SA and DA position. The only way to get the trigger to reset is to loosen the grip screw and wiggle or lift the left side grip. ???
    Any ideas ??

    Oh- by the way- don't fight that hot water trying to install your handall. I got the secret from my LOCAL FULL SERVICE GUNSHOP.
    Spray a little armor-all on your finger and rub on the inside to the handall grip. Slides on like greased lightning.
  19. JPM

    JPM G&G Newbie

    trigger hang up

    Sorry about the trigger hang up. I've had a few do that. There is a little bit too much wood left behind on the right grip panel. It's an easy fix & I will be more than happy to adjust it for you, or describe what needs to be done. Let meknow which way you want to go.

    Again, sorry about that, I try and check every set before they go out for fit & dry fire them on mine to make sure...but you never know.

    I've recut my patterns and that seems to have taken care of this going forward.
  20. ok guys i just recieved my jatoba grips... very nice. i took the the houge slip on jr. off the 63 that had been on for almost 4 years. there was pitting in the aluminum back strap and fore strap only where the grip was riding. dont know if this is a isolated case or not. r_p_ i just thought i'd let you know. the pistol was bought new and was in pristine condition. grips... use a stain or not?