Pa. Gov. Protests VH1 Prison Rock

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    I can see a good argument for/aginst this Music behind bars...My ?? is that the govenor of the state is protesting...that the (his) dept of corrections is letting it happen....It would seem to me that HE CAN CHANGE THE POLICY...him being the govenor and hes protesting his own actions????????? Kinda silly to me.

    OCTOBER 19, 02:11 ET
    Pa. Gov. Protests VH1 Prison Rock

    ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Gov. Mark Schweiker joined a group of protesters incensed at the VH1 premiere of a show featuring prison bands, including a musician convicted of murdering two Lehigh University students.

    The first episode of ``Music Behind Bars,'' which aired Friday night, focused on Dark Mischief, a heavy metal band formed by inmates at the State Correctional Institution at Graterford near Philadelphia.

    Band member Christopher Bissey was convicted of the 1995 slaying of two teenage girls at Lehigh.

    ``Prison should be about punishment,'' the governor said at a Friday night vigil. ``It shouldn't be for inmates to enjoy the limelight.''

    About 70 people, many of whom were friends and family members of murder victims, gathered in front of a quilt decorated with pictures of their slain loved ones.

    ``Instead of singing and dancing, perhaps they should spend more time thinking about what they've done,'' said Joan Grider, mother of Jennifer Grider, one of Bissey's victims.

    The state's House of Representatives passed a resolution asking VH1 to donate profits from the episode to the state's Office of the Victim Advocate, which serves as the prison system's liaison to victims and their families.

    Schweiker also has promised the Department of Corrections would begin warning victims when prisoners are going to be on TV.

    ``Music Behind Bars'' producer Arnold Shapiro, best known for the 1979 prison documentary ``Scared Straight,'' has said the show is intended to be a serious effort to highlight music's role in rehabilitation.