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    Two friends and I have been considering hunting this season, but only one of them has a gun, a Remington 870 with slug barrel. Now I have a fine scoped bolt action for myself, but nothing specifically for that purpose that guy number 3 could use.
    I have an SKS-D for which I'm looking into fashioning a temporary gas blocker (See SKS Forum), which would render it manually operated to comply with PA's hunting laws.
    I also have two Mossberg 12ga shotguns, a 500 w Polychoke and a 590 with smooth barrel that would be legal to use if the magazine was blocked to two rounds.
    The capacity and increased accuracy and range of the SKS would be a definite plus, and I think it has enough power to do the job, but the shotguns would require no serious adaptation.
    From people who've used either such weapon, which do you think is best? If shotgun is the answer, I have a sidesaddle scope mount for my 500, but it has the poly-choke barrel. My 590 is set up for defense, with a sidesaddle shell holder, and has bead sites, though it is also drilled and tapped. A scope mount for it would be under $10.
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    Of course maybe I should tell him to get his own, like a Mauser or Nagant.

  3. Shotguns may surprise you

    It is only recently that the smooth-bore has been treated like a step-child. The pioneers that built this country started out with large caliber smooth-bores and stalked close. While rifled barrels on shotguns MAY make them a tad more versatile it is not necessarily always the case.

    Old compadre and shooting/hunting partner Ed Siemon recently bought himself a Winchester pump gun in 12 guage. There was nothing more than the factory bead on the end of the barrel to act as "sights" but both Ed and I could easily, repeatedly, offhand, hit a rock half the size of a football at 100 yards. The barrel had no choke, it was designed to spread buckshot wide at self defense range - and open chokes work very well when slugs are used.

    My favorite "SLAMMER" is a 12 bore Rossi, side-by-side hammer gun that puts two Brenneke slugs into two inches at 50 yards, offhand. On this stopping gun I have added a set of rifle sights and would have no fear of dropping a whitetailed deer at any range out to 100 yards. It is, as some folks say, a hum-dinger on leopard in the grass at 35 feet when loaded with buck and ball - #1 buck in the left barrel and a Brenneke slug in the right!

    The only positive way to make your decision is to have your friend shoot the available "deer tools" and see which will allow him to hit at the range he expects to see deer.

    The SKS would work, but the bloody things are soooooo uugggllliiieeee that a deer might be embarrassed to be killed with one.

    Good hunting!

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    Hey brg3, I havn't seen what you plan on doing with your sks, but my old man had one a while ago, and if you just remove the piston that pushes back the action it will make it single shot only, without any serious modification.
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    Gas filling the empty tube could be an issue. A nonreciprocating rod in place of the piston would be better. The piston could be simply removed though and the gas shut off on the Yugo M59/66, which I have.
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    can you hunt in PA with a BAR?

    you said you were going hunting. What type of aniimal are you hunting?
    for smallies like predators (save for bear) white tail, and hogs, I ALWAYS use 7.62x39s that IS my specific rifle caliber for hunting these animals.

    as long as he's got you to protect him he only needs the sks
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    That was years ago and we haven't gotten around to it. One of us took up drinking a while back and the other might as well be engaged.
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    rofl I just saw that