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    Anyone here go paintballing? I am kind of interested in it....cause I like to get all camo-ed up (BDU's), put on all my gear (pistol belt, compass, canteen, and so on) and go hunting or hiking. I am interested in it, but I don't go because no one I know goes any more, but I know some other people who are intrested. How much is a decent gun/gear? I am looking for any input or stories about paintballing. Seems like something I would love, just never did it. It would also give me a reason to finish my ghille suit(that has been sitting awhile, time to start it and finally get it done). Thanks.

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    I play paintball. Light colored camo or khakis work best. A decent paintball marker (they are not called guns) will run about $200. The real fancy ones with burst fire capability, electronic triggers and high pressure nitrogen system can run well over $2000. Most markers have adjustable regulators. The international limit, recognized by most fields is 300 fps. Some US fields require 270 FPS. Some idiots in congress have already tried to get paintball markers classified as firearms, bringing out alleged experts who testified such nonsense as the markers spitting out paintballs at 800 FPS! Everyone wears masks that cover the face and sides of the head. People with sense also wear long sleeves and pants. Gloves are also recommended. My best marker is an AutoCocker with a 12V Viewloader Revolution, rifled barrel, and composite 3000 PSI nitrogen tank.

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    Sounds like Klaus is really into this. I did it once, a couple years back. A bunch of us from work (including the big bosses!) got together, and went to a field run by a small company. We were the only group there that day, so had the whole place to ourselves. It was great! We used Tipman markers, I think they sold for $150, and when dirty would go "full auto". That was fun!
    Klaus is right, wear long sleeved BDU's, those paintballs can sting. We couldn't bring our own ammo, that was supplied. We were the last group to use this field, as the company lost their lease in an insurance fubar.
    I have found two other paintball groups here locally, and look forward to going again. It's best done in the cooler months, though. We got very hot and sweaty, even in March. And get a good mask, the cheap ones will fog up quickly.

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    Seems like you could learn alot from it

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    i got my son one for xmas last year.Man that thing is deady at 75/100 yards away.that is when you crank up the regulator.
    I would say get one for pest control to .Man when you pop a dog or cat they run real fast. does great on possums to. have fun
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    just a note to the above reply no cats dogs or possums were ever wounded. lol. we just have animals running around with neon colors sploches and thier tails between thier legs.