Pancake from Scratch

Discussion in 'Holsters/Slings' started by austinjoe13, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. austinjoe13

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    Here’s my completed holster:



    I believe I have about 4 hours into it. The fit was extremely tight at first, so a hot rag was applied. Once the gun was seated, I put a belt through it and belted it to a 5gal bucket overnight (these pictures were taken before that). Next, I’ll tidy up the edges, stain them, and condition the whole holster.
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  2. runfiverun

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    great,,, just great.
    now I want some Bacon with my watered down biscuit mix.
    thaaaanks Austin.

    oh,,, nice holster.
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  3. Big Dog

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    From the title I was expecting something from Betty Crocker. :D

    Nice work! Looks good. :)
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  4. austinjoe13

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    Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to making more. Maybe a chest rig will be next...
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  5. Jaison

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    Quality work, my man.
  6. FortyXDM

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    3 cups Flour
    1 egg
    1 tsp baking soda............not baking powder
    add butter milk until mix is a tad lumpy....
    then slowly add cold water to thin until it mix will flow quickly on a hot skillet
    Skillet teflon or Iron.....heat until drops of water sizzle...a little hotter than you might at first think.
    Pour 1/2 cup per cake (roughly) and wait until bubbles begin to burst ..then flip.
    skillet side should be quite browned when flipped.
    Do not over cook.....Do not flip but once. DO NOT tap on top of pancake or bad luck will follow you.
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  7. FortyXDM

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    Good work on the holster. I do this as well. (or did ....ha)