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  1. That paper that I found in the gun has proven to be a real challenge to figure out. I have been looking in Hungarian dictionaries for some of the words and havent had a lot of luck. It would be impossible for me to type what is written because some of the letters look like upside down and backwards letter "e"s and others have marks above them that my computer wont type. I believe that I have figured out some of the math formula on it. It appears to be the rifling or pitch on the barrel. It has the Hungarian word "stand" which means pitch. I have given it to my girlfriend because she has a much nicer computer and a good scanner and she will see what she can do to make a good scan of it. She is going to use a magnifying glass on some of the hard to read words and hopefully I can send a picture or at the very least be able to figure out what it is and tell everyone.:nod:
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    maybe you can find some one thats fluent in hugarian, and they could read it and translate for you, just a thought.

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    Hi RattlesnakeBite,
    Just a word of advice in your decoding efforts. I do not speak Hungarian but I did live there for about 6 months back in the early 1990s. The Hungarian language does not have any backward letters or letters that do not appear on a standard typewriter. The only alphabetical differences in their alphabet are the accent marks which when added to familiar letters gives them unique sounds.
    I have no clue what you language have without being able to see it but I wish you luck.
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    perhaps it's russian, since thay have a tough language full of backwords lettrs and numbers.
  5. I have checked the Russian and Hungarian dictionaries on line. I have even checked to see if some words were Latin. Next I'm going to try the Polish. Gotta figure this out.
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    Sounds like Russian, or possibly Greek.

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    Somewhere an aged retired soldier is sitting at his table telling his buddies that he put some jibberish in a rifle stock years ago. "I bet some idiot's trying to figure this out!"

    Keep it coming.
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    Way my weeks been going it probly says invade listed will be day after it happened....
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    Translation - Mustard, bread, butter, sardines and 2 ltr milk. LOL LOL

    LOL...try and scan it so we can see it. I promise you that if I can see it, I may not be able to translate it BUT I can identify the language 100%. I was trained to become a Translator for the East German Military Intelligence Services back in my younger years and got real good at sorting-out what was Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian etc.
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    Try calling a college near you, and see if they have a translator. That's what I did, and they had it done in a day. HTH
  11. Thats my next step. Its just so hard to read the writing on it and the paper being so oil soaked that the print doesnt stand out very well. I tried to scan it but there isnt enough contrast between the print and the paper. I think my best bet is to call the university here.

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    Figured it out yet?

    You might have a recipe for some good vodka. What's taking so long - we're thirsty
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    Probably ballistics calculations, in Russian.
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    ha!,who says the cold war's over? them sneaky europeans are still playing mind games w/us.first rule of engagement-confuse the enemy.not sure where selling them your weapons ranks,though! LOL