paraguay 1927o info needed

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    I recently bought a model 1927o, made in Oveido spain, the gun is in perfect shape, accurate as heck, its chambered in 8mm. I got it for 100 bucks. I did a search on the net on the model and came up with an article by Ken Reynolds. He states this gun was created for Paraguay for the gran chaco war. He said its not a true mauser but a replica of a model 1907, he says the gun had a horrible reputation among the paraguayian army and said they would occasionally blow up.He mentioned the gun was made with inferior steel compared to the cz mausers that the bolivians had.I go to loads of mauser disscussion boards and I keep reading of the famous oveido spain gun works, i cant tell if this is sarcasm or did they really produce great guns, this gun is almost new, matching numbers, no import stamp, shells feed perfectly and it will drop a coyote at a 100 yards. how can i tell if this gun is safe to shoot and did the oveido site make decnt guns,thanks for any info