Parker Hale Enfields

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by doughboy, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. doughboy

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    I've seen an enfield rifle that has been rebuilt by parker hale, new barrel, rosewood forend, monty carlo buttstock, and the bridge for the stripper removed. It is still chambered for 303 brit.

    Could anyone tell me more about these rifles?

    Thanks DougB
  2. PAPA G

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    what sort of sights did it have??? sounds like it would make a dandy hunting rifle!!!

  3. Jesse

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    Parker Hale built many of these competition rifles using the #4 MK 1 and #4 MK 2 as their base. I have one similar called a Parker Hale T-4. It has a British Enfield magazine the same as the L-42 and L-39, and is chambered in 7.62 NATO. Parker Hale bull barrels are some of the best ever made. They are also becoming rare. Parker Hale hasn't made barrels since the early '90's for the civilian market. Hopefully this will change.

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    Late reply to question


    I was given a parker hale 303 a while back. whilst 303 british may be an old round i decided to keep it rather than sell it and replace it with a 308 or the like.

    seems to be based on a number 4 action. it has a great finish including stock and parker hale barrel. The trigger may have been worked at some stage and I have just bought a parker hale scope mount and rings and put a cheap tasco 3-9 x 40 on it.

    its funny, if i put a number 3 mk 1 smle next to it you would never know they were related! the nicest bit is the new sights placed on it. tHey are a fold down, cant remember the type but really nicely done.


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    Love to see a pic of it! Is it still a two-piece stock? I've read of a few custom-built Enfields being built into single-piece sporter stocks - that would take some fancy work!
    They can be great shooters - I'm very pleased with the No.4 Mk.1/2 I just got from AIM. I'm tempted to get another and make a proper sporter of it. :)