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  1. I've never bow hunted, but my brother in law and father in law are big time into it and have gotten me thinking. I saw a Parker Spitfire listed on our local craigslist for $200 bucks. Should I jump on it or hold out for something else? Before I buy it I was going to have my bro in law look it over (he's sponsored by Hoyt to shoot tourney's and knows his stuff) and give the OK, but I still want yalls input. Here's the link: Parker Spitfire Bow
  2. Well, the darn guy sold it before I could even go look at it. I have a feeling he sold it to a buddy of his or co-worker since when I called he told me it'd the the next day until he was around the house for my bro in law to come look at it. That's fine, its his to sell to who he wants regardless of whether I was the first person to answer his ad or not... but he didn't call to tell me at all. My bro was on his way over when I called to tell him and that was when I found out!!! I held my tongue, no use in arguing over something that won't matter either way.

    But, a friend of a friend has a 2005 BowTech Mighty Mite that he wants to sell for $200 minus the sight. Maybe this one will work out. If anyone has any comments, feel free to post. I get the feeling that his is the least visited section of this forum.

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    Bow Tech's are really good bows. That's not a bad price for one either. Welcome to bowhunting though, it is a great sport!