Passenger taken off flight for drunk pilot joke

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    This was not me..but I kida wish it was...Im sure some lawyer will say it violated this person constatutional rights to free speach ect...the Airline should just write the checks now... Of course it happened in California.

    Passenger taken off flight for drunk pilot joke
    July 9, 2002 Posted: 9:24 PM EDT (0124 GMT)

    SAN FRANCISCO, California (Reuters) -- An air passenger who jokingly questioned whether the plane's pilots were sober was removed from an Americas West flight on Monday, one week after two of the airline's pilots were arrested in Miami on charges of operating an aircraft while drunk.

    America West spokeswoman Patty Nowack said on Tuesday the passenger was removed from the Tucson-bound plane and later placed aboard another flight.

    "Safety is no joking matter. It is taken very seriously. we try to make the best decisions for all passengers based on what the situation is at hand," Nowack said.

    San Francisco International Airport spokesman Ron Wilson said the incident occurred shortly after boarding when the woman asked flight attendants if they had "checked the crew for sobriety."

    Wilson said the decision to remove the passenger was left to the airline.

    Nowack said the crew decided to take the woman off the aircraft after determining that her remarks constituted a potential security problem.

    "While this passenger may have been joking it is difficult to determine if someone is joking or serious. We take any comment regarding safety seriously," she said.
  2. I have a question

    Howdy Doglips,

    If she was honestly concerned it should not really have been a cause for removal from the flight.

    If she was joking it was in bad taste, and bad form. Especially now that so many people are on edge. But you gotta think the airlines would be expecting this type of jokes etc.

    Bad taste or not, this is still America and the passenger is entitled to ask questions such as these as a drunken pilot is a risk to everyone on the plane or in the flight path.

    I do think the airline over reacted, but if you want to see some real over reacting wait till the lawyers or the Civil Liberties Union gets hold of this one!!!!

    Beam me up Scotty, there is no intellegent life here........
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    How is this a "Security problem"? Was she planning on getting the crew drunk so she could take over the plane?
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    Joking about a bomb is one thing, this is totally different. I am against frivolous lawsuits, but I do not consider this idiocy to be frivolous.
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    what do you expect about PRK they have limited free speech ( It only counts if you are a liberal without common sense) Obviously this passenger who asked just wanted to be an informed passenger

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I'd be talking to my lawyer about that one,especially if I was late for an important meeting that cost me or my company money!
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    For the love of God!!

    I would have asked the same question. I need to know if the pilots of my plane are drunk, much rather them have guns then beer in the cock pit!!!
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    Considering that this is the same airline that did have 2 drunk pilots (about ready to take off in fact) I think it was a very reasonable question to ask. They may be embarrsed about the incident but removing her from the plane and putting her on another later flight surely is not going to help their image.
  9. With Phoenix being the America West hub there has been a lot of air time play here on this issue.

    Today, America West released a statement that if the America West employees involved over reacted on this issue the company will do whatever it takes to correct the issue with the woman involved.

    Sounds like to me that AW is beginning to realize this particular joke, even though it may have been somewhat inappropriate, was insufficient grounds to expel her from the flight.

    I would imagine the company has been flooded with anti-AW e- mails and calls the past few days.

    It's a good thing she didn't ask, in a loud voice, "Are the Pilots bombed?" They might have shot and sorted things out later, lol.
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    Yet another reason why some pilots should just be locked into the cockpit and away from the flying public. The captain made the decision to remove the passenger for the sole reason that he felt insulted. This had nothing to do with safety. Abuses of power such as this do not promote an attitude of support from the general public. These babies need to grow up and get some thicker skin.
  11. Eric

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    IMHO that was a very good question to be asking. I bet that lady is extremely happy that she said it and was removed from the flight...It sure beats working for a living.
  12. Oxford

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    Right to speak in jeopardy?

    The drunk pilots created their own problem. Now they want to blame passangers for something they did to themselves.

    I'm in support of the passanger being able to talk about whether or not the pilot is drunk. Guess the pilots want to act like their fellow pilots didn't get drunk. They'd like to have the public "stick their heads in the sand."

    Oxford ;)
  13. Freedom of speech--It's not like she was screaming fire in a crowded movie theater.
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    Good evening ladys and germs, this is your captain Jim Beam speaking, along with my co-pilot Jack Daniels.