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  1. Wow. There are some beautiful M39's on there.

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  3. Dang it someone bought that blonde M38 with the lammy stock, I was talking to him about I had to wait for my FFL guy to get back and now it's gone!!!
    Totally Bummed
  4. you need to get your c&r in the mail a.s.a.p. so that can never happen again!
    i can send you a copy if you don't want to wait for the atf.
  5. Your right I need to do that, ASAP! I started filling the forms out and then I at the bottom of the first one the boxes were very small for data entry, then I messed it up. I have to start again. I also started wondering if I wanted to send my CC number to the feds through the mail?. I started having other concerns as well that I was totally messing up.

  6. There are other ways of paying for it, you don't have to use a credit card. Don't use that as an excuse to sit on the fence!
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    Shiite happens, just get started again !!
  8. Will they take a postal MO? And once sent how long before I get the actual C&R?

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    Try that in English? I'm quite sure Pat would love a postal money order. But get the C&R? Are you talking a C&R license, or a C&R gun?
  10. i got mine within thirty days from the day i mailed the application. i don't see any reason why they wouldn't take a postal money order. you could always call and ask.
    24 Hour Contact

    Joint Support and Operations Center
    • (800) 800-3855 (Toll Free)
    • (202) 648-7777 (Local Number)
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    This one? [​IMG]
    Yuk, Yuk.....
    But you should really look at some of those pics...the contrast or something is wrong and when I pulled this one from the box, I thought it was another. The stock is in fact not blonde, it is the same darkness as the red shellac you will see on other refurbs.
    I bought this to replace one I had never fired and sold to a coworker. It has a correct M38 stock. About 1" counterbore so if your buying M38's or M44's from gunsandammo, you may want to call to verify if it is or isn't counterbored. They seem to be bringing attention when it is not, so be aware. I still like it. :)


    Maybe it's called washout...caused by camera flash. You can see the effect just above the magazine in the full length photo.

    I called to verify the purchase and had to tell them that the FFL holder didn't want to give me their number so it would be a day or so for them to fax that number. They are reasonable to deal with and if you're sincere to purchase they could be willing to hold the item for you...I do believe I've even seen the words "ON HOLD" or similiar in the right hand column of their advertisement page a few months back. Sorry about the (unknowing) steal Synth, I'll let you know first how she shoots.
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  12. Yeah that's the one.. Now I can officially hate you.. :) Naaa just kidding.
    Oh well that's what I get, she's slow on responding to emails that's for sure. Oh well I guess it was meant to be yours. Hope she can come up with another like it sometime.
    I am in the market for one and I need to find it under 200.00 because of shipping and FFL it's gonna cost around 250.00 by the time it gets here.
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    I knew that!

    It just slipped my mind.
  15. I stand corrected

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    nice price on the 91/59s. less then I paid for mine and looks at least as good.
  17. They will take a money order or your personal check, just like the IRS will! At least that was the case about a year ago when I renewed.

    They will cash your check as soon as they get it. Its the government, so processing time seems to be a couple of weeks to over a month. When I first applied I waited about 5 weeks, then called them. They promised to call back. Right, I thought. About an hour later they did and told me I was approved.

    Your mileage may vary.
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    It took 12 weeks for me to get mine and another six weeks to get the packed with the C&R log book and Gun list of C&R elegible firearm. I mailed it the first week of December last year and got it in the Mail March 2nd. All of my paperwork was perfect and the Chief of Police is a family freind so I know there was no hold up on my end. They just took their sweet a$$ time.