Patriots - most likely shtf scenario?

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    hey guys i just starting reading the patriots a novel and i love it i havent put it down since i started reading the darn book its great! anyway i really think that a socioeconomic collapse could easily be the most likely scenario us preppers could be facing today, especially with the economy and the fact we just keep printing money the value of the dollar already is going down.. aynway i was just wondering if you guys agree and if not what do you think is the most likely shtf scenario and this is besides like a natural disaster that your area is prone to (mines earthquakes and volcanoes, someone else's might be hurricanes and floods) unless its a global natural disaster like comet strike or something along those lines

    and the second question is do you think the group they made is a real possibility or is it too hard to be that good at prepping? lol they seem to have thought and had everything they could have possibly needed, and plenty of it
  2. Huey Rider

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    I would think a likely senerio would be a socioeconomic collapse(pre '30's Germany) and the collapse of the military due to lack of funding and the UN comming in, under martial law(think China) to "restore order".

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    I guess, ultimately, the whole point of prepping, is to survive whatever scenario that may come forthe. In that context, I think it would be wise to not pick and choose what circumstances are "most likely" to happen (with intent to prepare for them), but that there are many possibilities, and a truely prepared being, will be able to hold out against any scenarios they may face. Be it socialeconomic collapse, invasion, natural local disaster, global weather event, pandemic, and so on.

    I agree with both of your posts about the most likely situations that may play out. But wouldn't you feel silly preparing for some massive WW3, with guns around every corner of your house and enough ammo for each to need a flatbed truck to carry it... when a massive meteor strikes earth, and you and maybe 10,000 other people in the entire world survive? You might pull that trigger 20 times in a decade. Boy, would it of been swell to stash that much food instead of ammo! It sounds like that's what the people in the book have done. Prepared, to the fullest, for any possible event. Might be a bit gungho to some, might be the definition of the point to be a prepper.
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    nailed it on the head vel i agree to be prepping for everything and anything we may face because like you said how dumb would you feel prepping for one scenario and a completely seperate one happens, they actually go over that in the book as well lol... boy we got some serious preppin to get done lol
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    I agree with the goal of prepping for various scenerios.I was only stating what I feel the most likely situation would be in todays atmosphere as the OP asked. Things could change next month and then priorities change with them. I guess it never ends,hey?
  6. Martin Rage

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    I enjoyed the book, a lot of it was far fetched but some decent ideas in it and definitely fun to read.
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    I loved the novel. It had great ideas.

    The reason their group worked so well is that they were prepared as a group and already assembled. Note that they had been meeting and "drilling" well before any crisis started, and then most of them got out of the city at the beginning of the crisis.

    Good lessons for all...
  8. Tha Dave

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    I'm still planning for Z-day that way anything else happens I should be covered
  9. what is the name of the book? AUTHOR?
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    You make a good point, but in a "meteor strike" scenario where even ten million survive, your chances of needing that ammo are still pretty good. Think Lions-n-tigers-n-bears-n-dogs-n-yotes-n-wolves (both two and four legged)-n-dogs-n-more dogs, etc. Oh MY!

    Humans aren't the only dangerous animals that will survive. There will be plenty of food to be scavenged for quite a while also. After seeing "The Road", I decided that scenario, although plausable, is pretty far fetched. A disaster of that magnitude will most likely end with the death of us all pretty quickly. The reason I feel it's far fetched? Because if it isn't, we're ALL pretty much screwed and tattoo'ed.
  11. legit

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    James Wesley Rawles, I believe, and I know that he's gun-shooting ignorant. he actually "thinks" that men hold still while being shot at, or that anyone can reliably hit a dodging, cover-using, head on prone man, at more than 200 yds, while being shot at. :) Even in daylight, that's a joke, and at night, it's a joke at 100 yds, even with flares and luminous sight inserts.
  12. runawaygun762

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    It's a given that we all have limited time to prepare. Nobody knows when the next disaster will come, and what form it will come in. It would certainly be a great thing to be prepared for some zombie apocalypse where you have an underground compound stocked with 500 years' worth of supplies and a complete surgical wing. And wouldn't it be great if we were each trained to be dentists, neurosurgeons, soldiers, masons, electricians, etc?

    Unfortunately, we all have to start somewhere. Start with the things you have the most control over. We all know how important water is, so start with that. Bottled water is not expensive and it is pretty easy to explain to even the most dubious wife why a good supply of water is important. Then we know how important food is, so go there. Not everybody has the ability to go out and buy a dozen pallets of MREs at once, so for the normal people, buy a few extra days of non-perishable food every time you go grocery shopping. Make sure you're rotating your stock (That includes water, as it can go bad) when you prepare your normal meals so if things do go to hell you don't find yourself with a stockpile of expired canned food.

    Survival skills are easy to learn and fun to practice with the family. Figure out which skills you need the most and practice them. Personally, I am most focused on medical skills because of the complexity of the human body and the fact that medical treatment becomes more critical in austere environments where our normal infrastructure isn't available. Controlling bleeding, restoring an airway, and resetting a dislocated joint are probably going to be more critical than learing how to make transpiration bags or cups from gourds. Basic first aid skills are something that can really come in handy even in normal life. Anyone ever witness a car accident or other injury in public life?

    Living in Missouri, I know that I need to be prepared for about three weeks of no electricity due to recent snowstorm-induced power outages. Once I had the three weeks' worth of supplies set aside, I could focus on lengthening that stockpile. Ammo was easy for me with as much as I shoot already.

    Some skills and devices can be acquired with the intent on reducing expenses and will also come in handy should the world go to hell. Home canning, rain water catchment systems, and gardening are three things I personally plan to start when my tour here in sunny Cuba is up, but your particular needs may be best served with other things.
  13. Rex_Lee

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    I love me a good SHTF novel. For intance, "Alas, Babylon" was a good one. "One Second After" was a good one. Patriots was just silly. Sure it had some good survival info, but as far as storyline and plot, it sucked. The characters were all generic, I could hardly keep them straight in my mind. Meh. It was not good. Much better ones out there.
  14. big shrek

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    Pretty much...

    If you are set to handle Zombies, you're set for everything but a major flood :)
  15. Ten Man

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    That sounds the most realistic of the "popular scenarios" afloat.

    Personally, I think we will be facing a continued decline in our standard of living, to the point of "Third World" living conditions for at least half the population of the US.

    It won't happen all at once, but a continuation of the communist progression we have been witnessing for the last 40 years.

    Increasing severity of inflation/deflation cycles, increasing scarcity of durable goods, increasing disease and pestilence, constantly increasing taxes and decreasing services, further suspensions of liberty, more Big Brother encroachment, and the dwindling of the American Spirit will all be part of the routine.

    Welcome to Planet Hell.
  16. Love2hunt

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    I figure we are looking at either economic collapse or civil unrest but the two could very well be related. I am just trying to prepare my family to take care of themselves so that way we are pretty much covered for whatever.