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  1. A bit of advice jimkim you may take it or leave it.
    NEVER NEVER buy anyone's reloads! I don't care what kind of gaunrtee they give; if any. And never ever shoot someone else's reloads unless they are your immedent family and you trust them implicitly.

    Ps I know nothing about the business you mention (so I can't say anything good or derogatory about them. I only know that buying reloads is something I wouldn't do
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    Sir; nuff said
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    Not any experience with them, sorry.

    On the reload issue, I would not trust someone to make me 50 rounds of a custom hunting load. However, Denver Bullet's reloaded 9mm is great. I think it's a little underpowered, but I have been feeding a steady diet of it to my pistols for years. Hard choice with an unknown place, which is why I assumed you ask. Surely someone has dealt with Pat's.
  4. Oh I'm sorry. I didn't make myself clear. I don't buy other peoples reloads. I was talking about buying surplus ammo and supplies from them. They have some .30-06 milsurp I was looking at. If I shoot a reload It is mine.
  5. I used to buy a lot of stuff from Pat. I only had problems with some .223 once. It was underpowered. That was 7 or 8 years ago. I see him at the shows and still buy ammo from him.
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    I shoot Reloaded Talon Brand Ammo in my .50 BMG...It works just fine ! There are a lot of professional reloading companies that produce some fine ammo....
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    Maybe a list of suggested reputable/professional ammo reloading companies could be shared with forum those who who have experience with buying from and using their reloaded ammo?
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    That might be a good Informative Thread for Members...
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    Two that come to mind are G&G members. jarcp has a custom loading business: Home Page Reed's Ammunition & Research Home of the .22 Reed Express and Shaun has a business as well, I believe. Both of these guys are as professional as you'll find. Personally, I don't think ammo is any better just because it's mass-produced by a large co. I don't buy reloads at gunshows because I don't know who loaded it, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy ammo from a reputable reloader. Look at the reputation that Black Hills has among shooters.
  10. Is Black hills all reloaded or is some of their inventory/product reloaded? I've never tried it but see it used in test guns all the time in magazines and such. Seems to give good results but this is the first I've heard of this. Please explain?
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    They carry both new (red or black box), and remanufactured (blue box) ammo. The only difference is the blue box uses fired casings and cheaper bullets for plinking and practice.
  12. Before I started handholding I bought from GA arms. I just don't use ammo from anybody I don't trust. I trust Winchester, Federal and a few other companies(Remington is not one of them). I have bought from GA arms before their ammo was top notch. I guess I don't think of these companies as re-loaders I think of them as ammo manufacturers. So I don't buy reloads at least to me they aren't reloads.
  13. Gotchya, thanks. I take it then you have shot Black Hills? Both factory loads and reloads, or rather re-manufactured loads or just the factory loads?

    I might have to look into some of their factory loads. As I said, anytime I see where it's been used as test ammo, it seems to always have decent groupings with pretty much any firearm tested.

    P.S. Thanks for including the link to Black Hills.
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    I shot some of a small batch of 7.62x54r match ammo that they produced for Kiesler's Wholesale for use in the SVT and Dragunov rifles. They had some seconds that had small dents in the shoulder, but it shot great!
  15. and sometimes a cigar ain't a segar ask M.L.
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    I've bought a lot of brass from them and been very happy with all of it
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    I've bought surplus powder and bullets from Pat. Pat McDonald is a great guy to deal with. Might take awhile to get your order as he is very busy and has one other employee lat I knew.