PBS's Frontier House, that's the place for me!!!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by buttons, May 2, 2002.

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    Thoughts and comments. I liked it alot.
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    been there, done that.....rather be there than here!! Love the out doors..in fact, I think i'll take tomorrow off and head to the mountians...see ya!


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    Great Show

    I loved it. Would not been able to survive winter as the 3 sons (6,4,1)would hinder our efforts. But it would be nice to have done it for a while.

    The rich guy was pretty arrogant in his post interview and the other guy from TN had a b****y nag for a wife. I was telling my wife had I been there you would have had the first missing persons investigations on the frontier. the outhouse would have moved overnight!
  4. Big Dog

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    Very interesting show. The two spoiled girls should never have been there, they just couldn't get in the spirit of the thing. I kinda liked the b**** lady, she had the sand to make it on the frontier. What blew me away was the snow storm in the middle of June!

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    Snow in June

    Hey BigDog I was at the Canyon in June of 93 and we got snow. The temp out there can change 40 degrees or more in a day. It was snowing pretty good when I got up and by 10 I was in shorts and a t-shirt. By the end of the day (4pm) it was flurrying again.
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    Your right about the sand that lady from TN had, but what a B***H.
    The one lady from Kalifornia was one hell of a cook. She can cook for me anytime.
    Her husband was a piece of work, that sorry sap thought he was starving when the MARINE doctor got there he told him he was dehydrated.

    He had the right idea with the still, good money maker back then.

    Could not help but like Nate, that man could have gone through the gates of hell and he still wouldn't of had a bad thing to say about anyone. He had the most work to do at the start but it paid off in the end.
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    I disagree concerning the comment about the teenage girls from CA. It is clear to me that these two grew the most during their frontier experience. Did you see the last episode? The Brunette made alot of mature and wise comments. The one person who made me ill was the women from TN. She was rude, self serving, and most of all self righteous. I hope that Gordon Clune's business contacts watch the show to see how conniving and deceitful he is. Later.
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    Question? 1883 Montana Homesteaders., I did'nt see any shotguns or rifles. I was under the impression that in 1883 Montana, that the homesteaders would be armed. What if that bear they were all so interested in, had decided to come after them, what would have happened? I guess the camera man had a .44 Mag. on his belt, is that it? Or maybe they had a security team armed out of sight? Not to authentic without that old Greener 10 gauge, or Sharps Big .50, or Winchester 1873 hanging on the pegs over the door frame was it?

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    I only saw two shows, the last one when they were all leaving Nate(the newlywed) carried with him a a long black sleeve which one could only assume concealed a rifle. That's the only episode I saw one.
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    I haven't watched all the shows yet (have taped). But, I did see
    that they weren't going to be allowed to hunt for food, because
    of local laws. I thought, probably didn't want to hear the outcry
    about "PBS funding people killing animals". They were issued some Russian made 12ga shotguns to protect livestock from
    predators. Don't know if they were ever used. The no hunting is
    a pretty large departure from 1880's reality.
  11. Big Dog

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    Well, I noticed when they killed the chicken, the camera pulled away. Showing an animal being killed just isn't PC. One of the guys did remark if a varmint got in his garden, the shotgun comes off the wall and he'd blow the critter's head off.
    I didn't see the later episodes, so if the girls learned from it, great. Their family did seem to grow tighter as they worked together.
    The Indian who supplied them a deer made some good points about what had really happened in that area, back in 1882/83.
    Easy to see why he had mixed feelings.