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    Pc Manifesto2
    Forwarded from: The Hejirah Society of America

    The New Age Apostle's Creed of the year 10 (New Era) (A political manifesto for
    the modern age)

    I believe and will follow the following dictums with all my heart and soul:

    1. I recognize two categories of people: A) Oppressors: all white, male
    heterosexuals who are able-bodied and of sound mind, with some partial,
    concessionary exceptions for white, able-bodied, sound-minded, male
    heterosexuals of Marxist leanings or who show clear, visible and severe signs
    of economic deprivation; and B) Victims: all those, human or otherwise, who do
    not fit into category A, with the exclusion of unborn potential human victims.

    2. If I am of category B, in order to promote a diverse and pluralistic
    society, I will devote my life to expressing my indignation at being a victim
    and to pressuring those of category A to confess their guilt.
    If I am of category A, I will confess my guilt, grovel on the ground and be
    constantly sensitive to those of category B, all of whom I have oppressed.

    3. I will use inclusive language at all times, and I shall moan and express my
    indignation at all the linguistic noninclusiveness and insensitivity that I
    hear or read without regard of the age or culture in which a text has been

    4. I will be careful not to use any insensitive, ethnocentric or phallocentric
    imagery or metaphors in my language that may offend the sensitivities of any
    member of category B, such as the use of the generic 'he, black and white
    imagery, male, patriarchal metaphors, female metaphors that are not suitable
    for New Age ideals, or the use of ethnic terms such as 'American Indian',
    'black', etc., which have been expired for more than 24 hours.

    5. While maintaining the sensitivity and inclusiveness, which are described in
    points three and four, I will construct my language, arguments and thoughts
    entirely with euphemisms, buzzwords, cliches, emotive interjections, and
    ejaculations of discontent that adhere to the thought guidelines of the
    consensus of category B.

    6. If I am a member of category B, I will not do or say anything that might
    brand me a sexist, racist, homophobe, ablist, logocentrist or a category A
    sympathizer (i.e. anything that two or more members of the consensus of
    category B deem as thought crimes).
    If I am a member of category A, I will confess my sexism, racism,
    logocentrism, and homophobia and do penitence for these sins until I die or
    change my sexual orientation.

    7. If I should involuntarily think any thoughts that the consensus of category
    B have not approved, I will not express them and I will look forward to the day
    when the consensus acquires the technological ability to rescue me from the
    evil thoughts that I am too weak to control.

    8. I will be completely critical of the entire history of Western civilization
    and all Judeo-Christian values, morals, and traditions, and replace them with
    ________________ (fill in anything that is a deviation from Old Era values that
    fits the guidelines of this creed).

    9. I will persecute, censor and shun any member of category A who fails to
    comply with the benevolent dictates of this creed, if evidence - i.e. any
    accusation by a member of category B - is presented against him, or any member
    of category B who conspires with a member of category A in any manner that may
    be perceived as insensitive, sexist, racist, ablist or homophobic.

    10. I will submit all my thoughts, words and deeds to the scrutiny of the
    consensus of category B, without questioning or qualification, and accept any
    reprimands that I may warrant in the event that the consensus should find me
    guilty of any infraction of the forgoing points of this creed - real or
    imagined - of which I cannot prove my innocence.

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    This is too true to be funny.

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    I bet there are people carrying it around in thier pocket as a reference pamphlet.
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    Yeah its so hard to be a white hetero male. I mean we are the CEO of almost every corporation in the USA. We are in almost every political position of power in the USA. We have the highest income average of all groups in the USA.
    Life is hard for us, but we're quickly lerning how to become professional vistims...