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    Got this stuff of a FOX news web page called PC Patrol....warning this may cause you to question the sanity levels of our elected officials.

    The New York City Board of Education banned the phrase "God bless you" from writings on school property after a teachers union representative questioned whether it violated the U.S. Constitution, reports the New York Post.

    The issue arose after Board of Ed lawyers ordered Beach Channel High School in Queens to remove a "God bless you" greeting from a sign placed prominently in front of the school. The sign was put up by the school's parents association.

    A Board of Ed lawyer told the school that the sign violated the constitutional separation of church and state.

    Show No Evil

    Following the 9/11 terror attacks, Paramount Pictures recast the villains in the latest Tom Clancy movie, The Sum of All Fears, making them neo-Nazis instead of Arab, reports Variety.

    In the movie, a cabal of Al Qaeda-like terrorists detonate a nuclear weapon at the Super Bowl, killing tens of thousands of Americans, in an effort to aggravate Soviet-U.S. tension and prevent a Middle Eastern peace settlement.

    But after 9/11, the studio changed the ethnicity of the terrorists out of fear that it would encourage anti-Arab sentiments.

    See No Evil

    Guidelines for airport security screeners issued by the Department of Transportation specifically discourage guards from singling out for closer examination anyone speaking Arabic or appearing to be from the Middle East, reports The Wall Street Journal.

    The edict, titled "FAA Guidance for Screeners and Other Security Personnel," says closer examination of people who look or act like terrorists must not take place because it is discriminating against people on the basis of national origin.

    "Selection [for closer examination] must not be based solely because a person speaks Arabic, Farsi, or another foreign language, or solely because they speak with an accent that may lead one to believe they are Arab, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and/or Muslim," the DOT says.

    Road Rage

    A Washington state lawmaker who recently learned of a highway's long-forgotten designation as Jefferson Davis Highway No. 99 is outraged and demands that the road be renamed and a pair of plaques at each end of the highway be removed, reports The Herald of Everett, Wash.

    "In this state, we cannot have a monument to a guy who led the insurgency to perpetuate slavery and killed half a million Americans," said Democratic Rep. Hans Dunshee.

    The United Daughters of the Confederacy established the Jefferson Davis Highway in 1913 as a chain of highways across the country. Davis was the first and only president of the Confederate States of America.

    Dunshee has introduced a bill in the Legislature to change the highway's name to the "William P. Stewart Memorial Highway," in honor of a man from one of the first black families to settle in Snohomish County. Stewart fought with the Union during the Civil War.

    The Devil's Work

    The American Civil Liberties Union has threatened a federal lawsuit against the mayor of a Florida town for her proclamation banning Satan within the town limits, reports The Associated Press.

    The ACLU told Inglis, Fla., Mayor Carolyn Risher that it would sue unless she removes anti-Satan proclamations from four posts that sit at the town's entrances. The group also wants the town commission to pass a resolution repealing Risher's edict and is demanding that Risher reimburse the town for any costs of printing it.

    Risher wrote a proclamation casting Satan out of the town on Halloween night last year. It was typed on town stationary, signed and affixed with the town seal. She then put a copy on her office wall and then placed others at the town entrances.

    Coming Soon: Sideline Sacrifices?

    San Diego State University last week debuted its new Aztec "ambassador" mascot, designed to replace the earlier mascot, Monty Montezuma, which was criticized as racially offensive, reports The San Diego Union-Tribune.

    The new mascot will not be prancing along the sidelines at Aztec football games wielding a flaming spear and rallying fans. The new historically accurate mascot, portrayed by Alberto Martinez, will instead "celebrate, honor, respect and educate people on Aztec culture," Martinez said.

    Some of the students who complained earlier were not happy with the new incarnation, though.

    "What the hell is this?" asked Manny Lieras, president of the Native American Student Alliance, which started the movement to ban Monty. "This is horrible. ... This guy is no different than what we had before."

    Grey Lady

    The New York Post's Page Six column reports that the venerable New York Times is no longer using the phrase "girlfriend" in reference to adults in its news pages because it offends feminist sensibilities.

    The Post said a Times writer was interviewing an architect when the man referred to his girlfriend. The architect was informed that editorial overlords at the paper had nixed the phrase, preferring instead the term "whom he dates."

    Maple-Leaf Rag

    A Canadian college student was asked to remove that country's flag from a window in his apartment because it might offend non-Canadians or new immigrants, reports the Edmonton Journal.

    Clark Barr's landlord delivered the admonition in the form of a note slipped under his door. Barr put the flag into a sliding glass door of his ground-floor apartment because he wanted to express his patriotism and his support for Canadian troops who will soon leave the city for Afghanistan.

    Barr said he called the landlord to object, but was told that it must come down out of respect to people from other nations. "Just because we have a flag up doesn't mean we're disrespecting people," he said. "It's the Canadian flag, for God's sake. It's not a communist flag."

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    Sometimes I just sit here and shake my head,wondering just where we are heading. This stuff is SO nuts.

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    That list is probably part of a handout for up and coming media personnel. "If you don't use this list, you're not going to make it very far in the media, we've already gone to it totally."
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    Hey doglips were did you get the wolf pitc?
  5. these jackasses need to be removed PERMANANTLY for the gene pool!
    Since when did people become so easily offened???? these losers need to get a hobby or some thing, i mean they have WAY too much time on their hands, way too much!!!!!!!!!
    Some times i feel kind of bad when i think they should all be executed for what their rediculous legislation, laws, ect. are doing to our once powerful and proud country, then i read crap like this, and i wouldn't mind in the least if this scum ended up in some mass grave some place in the desert.
    Or am i being too harsh and critical of our Bleeding heart brothers and sisters????

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    Tellsacket I found it on some music website...I actualy belive it is an albume cover for a arion nation band thats what I get for following the link of a link of a link....but I figured my Rabbi would not know the source and I liked the pic..my handle doglips and last name of Wolfley...

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Yep, found the same pic on a Whitepower site.
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    Yep..probly the same site...was looking for a rockgroup who's song I heard and liked...I figure I should be messing with some govt computers big time...JFPO...Jewish World Review and then poof white power site.....add gun sites..pluss anti 2nd admenmet (were I get a lot of jokes) sites and I figure the govet has be peged as haveing multable personalities....not to mention the sites me kids hit :)

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    Yep, if you follow links you can wind up on some strange sites. Follwed like 60 links once and ran the gamut of clean to porn...strange.