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  1. neophyte

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    I’ve shared before :) they called my office. Random testing (Policy)

    I made a list

    Cocaine-crack-marjuwana-lsd-E-Herron-black tar-and a number of alcoholic beverages (I wanted to test)

    Hand carried list to General manager.

    He politely sent me back to my office :) to never be heard from again :)
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  2. I went back to work for that company a couple times, they only drug tested me the first time around. They got to know me pretty well the first time I worked for them and had no worries about me
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  3. FortyXDM

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    I think that there has been more personal information divulged on this thread than any prior thread on G&G. :D
  4. Big Dog

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    Hehe.... TMI to the max. :D
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  5. TXplt

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    Oh.......I just GOTTA get myself to the moon. If there ever was a reason to go to the moon, that's the top.

    I wonder what would happen if they included the snowboarders............

    True story--wife worked as a ski instructor for a time period while I was stationed in New Mexico and would deploy alot (so while being gone it gave her something productive and fun to do). Just about EVERY year the guy who ran it (great person; passed away from a heart attack) would have a big pow-wow and threaten everyone that drug tests for weed were going to be phased in that year.

    It never happened.

    I think the reality of the matter of losing half or more of his workforce sunk in as time went on and he just kinda gave up on it.
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  6. Moroco Mole

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    Once gave a new guy a solo cup and a sharpie. Told him it was time for his pee test.
    Just write your name on the cup and put it on the bosses desk when you get finished with your sample.
    Oh, it was hilarious when he got called into the office, :eek:you could here the boss yelling clear out in the yard. :D But it kinda stopped being funny when I heard my name called.:oops: I was on backup duty for a week.
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  7. Junction15

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    I was always amazed, that out of 500-600 employees in our region, my name seemed to come up "randomly" for drug testing, something like 4 times in a row.
  8. Jim Bridger

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    Thanks I needed a good laugh.:D
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  9. LeftHandShooter

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    I failed my first pee test for Lowe's.

    I couldn't go.

    2nd time I couldn't with the large woman nurse watching me. When she stood around the corner I filled the cup to the rim. She wasn't amused at my humor of going over the line.
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  10. TXplt

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    Wait for the shake !