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  1. Ok so i took my new Garand out to the range today, and found out 3 things,
    1: This rifle shoots awsome groups!
    2: it also shoots down & to the left at 50yds.
    3: I don't know how to fix this, as i don't know all the tips & tricks, when using Peep sights.

    Also i noticed, another thing, the elevation nob reads "4" when the sight is bottomed out, is this normal, i havn't screwed with the rear sight at all(as far as taking off) what can i do??
    thanks for any/all help,
  2. StalovnyGrab

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    Dont pay attention to the numbers on the elev knob yet.
    1-bottom the rear sight aperture
    2-count about 8 clicks up, shoot at 100 yds.
    3-adjust the clicks up or down till you get 'em at the correct elevation with the aiming point.
    4- When the elevation is set, REMEMBER how many clicks up from the bottom.
    5-For windage start eith the windage knob centered in thelittle lines on back of receiver. Move the front sight left to bring your shots to the right, it loosens with a 1/8" Allen Wrench I think.. When they are in there, tighten the front sight good.
    6- To set the evelvation knob for correct zero at 100 yds: loosen the lock on the windage know a bit. Start at bottom, count your clicks up. HOLD the aperture and elev knob so it wont move, loosen the screw on the elev knob. Move the elev knob so the 100 hash mark is level with the mark on the receiver. Carefully tighten the elv screw and windage lock. Back it down to the bottom, count your clicks up, and the 100 yrd mark should be level with the scribed mark.
    Sometimes it's tough to keep the aperture from moving, so be patient, keep trying.

  3. Devil Dog

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    Listen to Stalovny....he is right on. Except the allen wrench is 3/16" on usgi and 5mm on Italian screws.
  4. Stalovny, thanks for your info, it worked like a charm, my M1 now shoots dead on target at 100yds.!
    thanks again,

  5. StalovnyGrab

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    It's kind of a pain, thats why I like Lockbars..

    But, now that you've got it...get into the groove with a pile of loaded enbloc clips an easy drop of the hand away, sitting position with or without sling, and let 'em fly!!! HEAT THAT BARREL UP!!! Rapid fire about 5 or 6 clips worth and that target center is 'pasted' but not with glue!!! (Where'd that one come from?)
    I did that with a CMP Dane with a VAR barrel last Saturday, great fun. Now I have to test AP loads at 600, just for kicks (and maybe good well in our club match).