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  1. blaster

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    the video that came on when I opened that link was of a Hippo farting & spraying s*&% all over. I guess it is the same thing as a video of Pelousy & Schumer only better looking
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  2. blaster

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    ha! I see that is exactly what the link said it was. I guess I better start reading the fine print. you got me, I thought it was a news clip. lol!
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  3. Ten Man

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    Sounds like a chainsaw! LOL!!!

    I think that was videoed at the Wildlife Refuge in Homosassa, FL. That Hippo has a WARNING SIGN posted on the fence of it's pen, to let folks know not to stand too close to it's rear end.
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    I've learned, on this forum, not to open ANY links until I've read some of the comments by other members. I did open this one after seeing the comments here. If it'd really been a video of pelousy & shummer, I would not have done so!:rolleyes: The hippo was much more informative & entertaining than anything they'd spew outta their mouths.
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    And out of nowhere the Forty strikes.
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  7. Big Dog

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    It really does sound like a chainsaw! Or he's packing a two-stroke in his arse. :eek:
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  8. BigEd63

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    They need to stop feeding him refried beans and liberals at the same time.
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  10. Rave

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    Sounds like Pelousy to me. :usa2:;):rolleyes:
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    Looks like Pelosi on one half, Schumer on the other half. Nadler spinning his "tale", and Schiff blasted all over. (No wonder Schiff has bug-eyes)

    Can't be a zoo in California though. Else there would be a methane collector strapped to the hippo's butt. (Kinda like they need over the Capitol building in DC.)
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  12. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Should have never asked the Hippo what it thought of Pelosi and Schumer with kids around especially. Lol!
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  13. BigEd63

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    New Tide Pod type challenge for ANTIFA persons.:

    Hippo Fart Lighting

    Sneak into hippopotamus enclosure and wait for the right moment and light that fart!
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