Pencil lead carvings - Very Cool

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BunnyWabbit, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. BunnyWabbit

    BunnyWabbit G&G Evangelist

    I was pretty impressed with these after picking up a pencil and realizing just how small it is. I would need a HUGE magnifying glass to do these.

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  2. Tigercat200

    Tigercat200 G&G Evangelist

    OK, where did he park his seeing eye dog? That is really amazing work. My hands aren't steady enough for that. I have enough trouble with 1/72 scale aircraft models.

  3. jmp8927

    jmp8927 G&G Evangelist

    That is amazing...
  4. WOW!

    Those should be in a museum. Just think how easy to break they are.
  5. surgicaltech

    surgicaltech G&G Evangelist

    That's impressive! That man has some serious talent.
  6. BunnyWabbit

    BunnyWabbit G&G Evangelist

    Here are a couple more, I am on dial up and loading takes forever.

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  7. Glenn62

    Glenn62 G&G Regular

    Not to nmention a lot of time on his hands !! But I totally understand because I used to do carving/tooling of leather for belts, wallets, purses, etc till arthritis got the best of my hands..I sat for hours doing it and it was very relaxing..
  8. BunnyWabbit

    BunnyWabbit G&G Evangelist

    Yeah, I am into wood carving. I've done things on pencils, but never thought about the lead. I can be busy for hours and forget to eat.
  9. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    Incredible precision work! I can't imagine the eye strain even with magnification. Thanks for sharing that BunnyWabbit.
  10. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

    Pretty cool I must say !!
  11. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    thats amazing, i cannot sharpen a pencil with out the lead breaking:icon16:
  12. you cover the graphite in wax for a support then melt the wax when your finished

    kinda like using a dop stick in making diamonds
  13. CalifgirlinOk

    CalifgirlinOk G&G Evangelist

    I would go blind trying to do that.
  14. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

  15. texnmidwest

    texnmidwest Sir Loin of Beef Forum Contributor

    Those are some amazing carvings!

    I carved for years and always admired the people who did the micro carving. I miss carving and the people I carved with. Great people.
  16. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Many pieces created by Willard are virtually invisible to the naked eye yet, when viewed through high power magnification, the effect on the viewer is truly mesmerising.
    Willard, who is completely self taught, has baffled medical science and has been the subject of many discussions among micro-surgeons, nano-technologists and at universities worldwide. His work is both inspirational and ground breaking in both artistic and scientific spheres.
    Given the demands Willard places on his body and mind, it is unpredictable how long Willard’s exceptional talent will last, but ultimately his unique and exclusive creations will outlive him for generations to come.
  17. texnmidwest

    texnmidwest Sir Loin of Beef Forum Contributor

    The application of talents and skills like his CAN be of great benefit to science.
  18. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    To say these people have amazing talent is an understatement. All I can say is wow.
  19. Glenn62

    Glenn62 G&G Regular

    Wife use to give me heck " once you get started on a project you lose all track of time"

    She was right of course by that was the joy of it also..