Pennsylvania: State House approves 'castle doctrine' self defense bill

Discussion in 'Firearm Related News' started by GGReporter, Oct 6, 2010.

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    The state House today is expected to give final approval to so called "stand your ground" legislation, a self defense bill that gun advocates have pushed unsuccessfully for six years. With broad bipartisan support, the House gave preliminary approval Monday to the legislation, also known as the "Castle Doctrine" extension bill. It was approved by a 156 41 margin.

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    This is a good first step. Now if the PA Senate can just pass it, as is, this coming week. They will be in session for only 3 days. If anyone attaches a rider to the bill, it goes back to the House. One good thing about the bill is that it not only allows you to defend yourself in your own home, but also does not allow the perp or his/her family to sue you for any problems arising to him/her from the break in.