People have been becoming progressively unattractive.

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  1. But you may have been clean-cut, clean-shaven and un-tattted too back then.
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    Friend, I have known a lot of people in my many years on this earth. Some of the biggest, ugliest, meanest looking long haired, bearded outlaw biker appearing guys in the world were actually the best ones and types that I would trust with my life and family over many good looking, clan cut suit wearing fools.
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    No tattoos. I never could figure out what I would want un-changeably with me until I die. (Plus if I was holding my shoes together with wire stitching, I certainly could not afford it).

    Not always clean shaven either. But I learned quickly that a beard smells like chicken poop long after you leave the barn - so that went away.

    My hair was about shoulder length. But that too came to an end when I lost the top part of it, and the sides crept downward, and I refused to go with a flap.
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    Junction15 I look at this way. We are born into this world with no or little hair. We eventually leave this earth with little or no hair. Its all good.
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    Your next.

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    I'll remain in the quiet majority just so my stance is know.
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  7. My mother would say that those hairy folks on the right are probably unclean and unsanitary by their looks. My mother taught me that cleanliness is next to godliness but people who look and/or smell like a bum are next to the devil. There was a time when the South hated those long-haired/bearded/dirty-looking hippies. A lot of older people, boomer age, even in southern states are now dressing like that rough animal look that was so fiercely detected by Southerners back in the 1960's. I'm seeing bearded, trashy-looking males and tatted/weird-looking females, many obese people, most with southern drawls all over town in Lawton adjacent to my Fort Sill area. Lawton, OK looks run-down, trashy and like ghetto/biker/homeless-looking people are all over the place here. The Walmarts in Lawton look like true Squal-marts but at least the new Target store looks nice and clean. The Walmarts in Boise, ID where I used to love were so clean you could even eat off the floor there. I've seen some trashy Walmarts in the Rancho Cordova and Citrus Heights are of California over the past 10 years. CA has trashy-looking people too. People and towns and cities all over America have gone into this ghetto fashion but Oklahoma looks hit the worst. I was stationed at Fort Sill in 1990 as a young soldier new into the service and Lawton looked fairly decent then and people dressed like ladies and gentlemen then, not like bums or bikers. The only people around Lawton now who look decent are some very old people, police officers, sheriff deputies or the army personnel when they go into Walmarts in town. I can actually see what young people in uniform look like these days. They look as nice and as clean cut as young American soldiers did 30 years ago. You can't be bearded, tatted-out and biker-looking even in today's armed services. I don't like the looks of these new army boots, though. The ones we had with BDUs back in the day were black and nicely shined. The new military uniforms don't look quite as sharp as the old BDU style. The new boots have rough unshined look.
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  8. Here is a young fellow on video demo-ing a Ruger American Predator. Clean-shaven/clean-cut boy, but that fast-moving shrieking voice makes me want to smack this dude in the face with a moose-turd pie. Put your ear muffs on...not for the gun though!! Slow down, breathe deep, relax, lay off the excitable sugary Fruity Pebbles. This boy acts like a little puppy that got a new toy Nylabone.


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    There you go again, reread your last two posts above.

    Like I previosly posted in the second post of this thread. You just can't resist from talking trash about others...:mad:
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  10. Smile and the World Smiles with You, Frown and You Frown Alone.

    Hate to say it but it has been my experience that those who are dressing to project an image (regardless of what "Image" they are trying to project) are generally less trustworthy than those who don't "Dress to Impress". The way I look at it is if a person has to hide behind an image then either they are Afraid of showing who they are or their Ego's bigger than their Britches, and in either case they are best kept at distance.

    And if you really want to know what's going on don't talk to the owner of the store ~ Talk to the Janitor! And I've learned more real life lessons from the folks that people walk past and don't look in the eye than I ever have from the folks who are dressed to climb the corporate ladder.
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    Guess you can argue with God about the kid’s voice; after all, God was pleased enough to give it to him.
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    Personally, I can't consider Biden as "clean-cut". The evil shows thru!
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    Weirdest post I've seen in a very long time. Did Jesus dress and groom to your satisfaction or fit your desired profile? I just don't get it.
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    Live and let live
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    some people just never seem to be happy. :rolleyes:
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  16. You haven't lived as long as I have. You don't get it. Proof positive that the world has gone to he_ in a handbag. Jesus looks like a dirty bum in the artwork and even a radio minister once said Christ looked like a hippy. If Jesus, clad in beard, woman long hair, white gown and sandals, were to have showed up at a Baptist church down South in the 1960's he wouldn't have been crucified again, no sirree, the Klan would have hanged him summarily or he would have been shotgunned down "Easy Rider" style.
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    Ya gotta watch out for the guy in the suit with a pen. The worst screwings I ever got were never from down to earth honest people but a flashy guy with a 2000-dollar smile and a pen full of fine print.
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