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  1. Sort of a vent, sort of a rant and mostly a deep worry my friends. Let me preface this by saying my wife is the best **** thing to ever come into my life and is more precious to me than anything. That said let me explain my worries. friend that owns a chunk of land in far West Texas is pushing hard for a return trip, the area is very remote (if you have never been in West Texas you cannot even imagine what that really means) You have to haul in every need, there is no power, no water, no real law enforcement or rescue personnel for 50+ miles and no cell service. I am the guy that fills out the outfitting lists and makes sure we have a modest surplus should we run into trouble, and I do all the repairs. My wife was city raised (Chicago) I was raised by folks straight off the farms. And neither of us is young anymore and our friend is older. As well as his lady friend wanting to come places even more onto my shoulders (she is morbidly obese and diabetic). Here's my worries with help so inaccessible I fear me being injured, or becomming ill and being unable to support our base camp. Our friend is about as mechanically inclined as a slug and my wife has no clues about anything mechanical or electrical none of the rest have any medical/first responder training at all, seems they all rely on me to be the jack of all trades. Three things should I become unable to do them trouble me deeply as this land is dangerously close to Mexico, rugged and unforgiving. 1) Security, I remain armed at all times when we are out there and I insist anyone leaving the general area of our camp also be armed. But I am the one who goes out cuts for signs of intrusion each morning and makes sure the generator is fueled and ready to go to keep the area lit at night. 2) Food, as I said there is always a modest surplus on hand but if I am down for more than a couple days that will be exhausted, our friend cannot hunt hasn't a clue what a snare or dead fall is and my gentle wife while enjoying wild game on the table cannot kill a critter for food and none of them possess the skills to forage for wild edidible plants (that again is my job). 3) Water, I have USGS maps of the area and I know where I should look for natural springs or pools (they are out there) you have to know what to look for. They don't possess that skill and show no interest in learning it (After all thats my job). Perhaps I am being overly concerned, but as I have gotten older my physical limitations have become more and more serious. I am simply put not a 20 something anymore. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I being overly cautious? Or am I being bothered too much by the fact that I am the only one who possesses the skills to survive should anything really serious happen and I have to provide for our little group?
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    Your accepting responsibility for their well-being and security means you should be questioning what might happen if you become ill or disabled. That is only natural and is the intelligent thing to do. After all, if something happens to you and they can't fend for themselves, they certainly can't take care of you.
    It might be time to look for an apprentice that is willing to learn in trade for being your back-up.

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    You are not being over cautious. If I were you in your place, I wouldn't go. That or find someone else to go as well who can help you out and take over if needed. Being put in the position when it's just you taking care of people who are physically, mentally, and intellectually inept is a huge responsibility and if you have doubt about it, don't do it.
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    It's always funny to me how everyone wants to go, but nobody wants to put in the effort other than showing up. No bad intented on your wife. Perhaps a Motel 6 would be better in line for their accomodations. A person who is obese and diabetic has no business trying to attempt something like that. What are they wanting to do, camp? fish? With the bad things going on with illegals, and the opportunity for them to cross your path, this trip sounds like a bad deal all the way around. And...if this is supposed to be a vacation for you too, to me it doesn't sound like much of one.
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    From what you say of your wife the," Perhaps too gentle a wife" tag isn't justified.. She is what she is and that's all a part of what attracted you to her..I know you weren't complaining about her..but in IMHO you could be subjecting everyone to untold dangers if you become incapacitated..
    I would suggest you all decide on a safer less isolated/desolate place to get together.. Your mind would be more at ease and you would enjoy your get together more.. Good luck !


  6. As strange as it sounds my wife raised in the far North enjoys the desert even more than I do, we can shoot as much as we want, whenever we want and have a high old time we cook out and sit around playing dominos or cards at night. The generator purrs just over the rise supplying power and as I said I am always armed. We've never had any trouble there as of yet. But I still have concerns.
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    Do your cell phones work out there?
  8. No Bunny they don't!
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    I wouldn't be as concerned with trouble requiring a firearm so much as health problems. What if you were to trip and break a wrist or a leg? What if you hit your head on a rock and suffered a severe concussion? What if your friend's wife had serious issues with her diabetes? Those are what I would be concerned about. With the other's lack of expertise you expressed in your original post, any one of the above situations has the potential to be a serious issue.
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    That is a bad thing right there. Then, unless someone drove out, you are stuck with whatever happens. Might have to find someone else to tag along for the just in case scenarios.
  11. Earl you know we are the best of friends. Were buddy's right ? I'm going to ask you to not be offended by what I'm going to say.

    First off were not getting younger, we have to accept that. There's many things we use to could do that we best not do anymore.

    As much as I would love to go hunt for Sheep and Elk in the mountains some where out west.
    Because I've smocked cigarettes since I was 16 years old I would'nt last 1 day crawling around in the mountains.

    When I read your post I was thinking why in the Hell would somebody want to go camp out in a HOT Azz desert. Sorry.

    When you said you would be close to the mexican bordor AND running light's during the night. I'm thinking your a Target.
    A very possible disaster waiting to happen.

    If everyone is dependent on you and you were to have a heat stroke, heart attach your screwed and they are to yet they can jump in the truck and drive back to nearest town.

    My thought is go somewhere else closer to civilization it does'nt have to be on your friends land does it ?

    If you do decide to go I would contact the U.S. Border Patrol and ask them the condition's of the area you intend to camp in and tell them where you and your party will be camping.

    Since cell phones don't work then go buy a flare gun to carry along.

    THAT'S IT...A.H
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    If I were closer Earl and could afford to take the time off, I would volunteer to tag along and help. Financial constraints prevent me. But I would be there to have your six anytime brother.
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    From my POV the solution is simple, but not easy. Teach all members of your party everything you can. This is our obligation to our loved ones in the best of times. It is even more imperative in hard times.
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    Earl, I think you are right to be concerned.Your wife, whom you dearly love, and your friends could die out there if an accident befell you, a heart attack or heat stroke, or, God forbid, you were overrun by illegals or drug traffickers. As we age even though we maintain the mental skills the physical requirements will overwhelm us. I am 72 and know that this is fact. In your case this could put not only you but those you love at risk for bad things to happen that you do not even want to think about. My advice would be to pass on this trip or include one or two others with the skills to do what you do if something should happen to you.
  15. Sometimes you just have to tell people no even if you are good friends with them when the risk out weighs the benefits. Your best bet go go out hiking and camping out in West Texas near the border might be to make friends with a younger couple that might do a little hunting, fishing or hiking that could cover your back, then teach them some of the other skills they may not know that you have picked up over the years. Then you have someone with you capable to watch your back if things go wrong and they could probably take care of themselves too. I don't take people here up into the mountains if I think there would be more problems then reward out of the trip and it frees my conscious to enjoy being there.
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    Hey buddy,

    Just my straight forward point of view.
    50 miles way, is local neighbors for us Alaskans!

    Now with that said.

    First, is there pre-existing house, cabin or shelter there?
    How long is this expedition, gonna be?
    What is LEGAL, to hunt, fish & trap.

    IF you go ahead with this trip.
    I would make sure your friends, know up front.
    That YOU, are 100% in CHARGE.

    Hold classes on basic survival needs.
    First Aid - ABC's, snakebite, heat inj., diabetic shock, heart attacks etc...
    Firearms, communications, remote cooking, water treatment.
    Equipment training, generators, stoves, lanterns etc., fuel/propane handling.
    Both proper garbage & human waste/sanitation & disposal. (burning)

    Next put stipulations that MUST be met, prior to the trip.
    That your friends, must Anni up and buy, for ALL to use.
    If he wants your skills, experience, to oversee & keep them alive.
    These are MUST items.

    #1 Radio communications, and satellite phone.
    I would have daily commo checks, back to civilization.
    At preset times, along with B/U times.
    Many communication companies provide this service.
    (even some LEO Depts, radio stations, still do this service.)

    #2 Have preset up accounts, set up.
    For fuel, food, water, hardware purchases etc..

    #3 Have a preset up account with a outfitter, or courier service.
    Deliver your staples to you, at a set time & date.

    #4 Flight trip over area, your fixing to go to. (bird eye view)

    #5 Make a preliminary road trip, to the location. With ALL members of the party. (so they can see, feel, experience the location)

    #6 Have multiple vehicles, that can EACH carry all the members of your group.

    #7 Take two of every important items. (radios, phones, generators, stoves, lanterns, water)

    #8 Make sure everybody has TWICE as much prescription meds, as normally needed!

    #9 Preset duties for all members.

    #10 Let them know if these conditions, and any others you, or others, might think of. Are not met, and agreed on. That you and the Misses, will NOT do this trip!

    Friendships are wonderful.
    But the health & welfare of a spouse, is far more IMPORTANT!!
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    i would just tell them that i wasn't young enough to accept the responsibility of keeping a group of people i love safe.
    tell them what you told us.
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  19. try googleing "emergency transponder"..... these devices can summon help and easy to operate.....
  20. try googleing "emergency transponder"..... these devices can summon help and are easy to operate.....