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Was given a small Amazon gift card and was looking for a digital scale to try. Based on reviews and price, I selected the Perphin Agile Digital Scale - Model DMGS.50.001.BLK. When it arrived, I was impressed with how well it was packaged and the accessories that it came with. Based on other reviews, I put new Duracell batteries in it (the batteries it comes with are not good and did not last long in a TV remote), calibrated it and ran some tests comparing it to my RCBS M500. All tests showed that both scales were showing the same weight. Have used the scale now to reload various loads with spot checking against the M500. The scale has been working great and makes it easier to trickle the precise powder amount compared to the M500. For under $20.00 I'm very happy. It came with a check weight, 4 weighing trays, tweezers, and 2 scoops (a larger one in the box and a smaller one that stores in a slot on the back of the scale. The scale also has selectable units of measure with grains being one of them. Max capacity is 771.61 grains and measures down to a 100th of a grain. Time will tell if it holds up.

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