Persian Mauser

Discussion in 'Mausers' started by BOHICA1962, May 7, 2008.

  1. I finally got the Persian Mauser I've been looking at for almost a month. I traded a US 1917 which no longer held any interest for me and got $$$ back to boot. There just happened to be a man and his son in the store at the time from the middle east and could read the SNs and it's all matching. Excellent condition with a nice bore. I don't know how to post photos or I would.

    I'm just about a week old on this forum and I've been "collecting" C$Rs for about a year. I think I have 13 but I'd have to go count to be sure.
    4 K31s
    2 Swedish Mausers
    3 M48s
    1 24/47
    1 M1
    1 Finn M39
    1 M44
    1 91/59
    1 Persian Mauser
    I was wrong......that's 15. I live alone and I'm getting old and if I don't spend it someone else will. I plan to get another M39 sometime this week. The one I have has been thru the war and looks like it. Cheers:burnout::burnout::burnout::burnout: