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  1. Drunkonjack

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    I tried the search but came up empty.

    I'm looking for some ammo that is highly rated for my Smith & Wesson M&P .45

    My M&P has the 4'' barrel do does this make a differnce when selecting proper ammo ?

    Thanks guys and Gals ! Stay safe !
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    Get the new Federal HSTs

    Hydra-Shoks were top of the line 10+ years ago. :)

    Federal while still making the less expensive hydra shoks, they have since updated the bullet design with the HSTs (which stand for Hydra-Shok Technology)

    The HSTs got rid of the center post that the old hydra shoks had. This post only did what it was supposed to do 1/3 the time anyways. The newer HSTs have a larger redesigned hollow point without the post similar to the Speer Gold Dot Round. The newer HSTs retain their weight a lot better and mushroom better than the hydra shoks.

    Speer Gold Dot and Corbon DPX are also great rounds.
  4. Dude.

    You have A .45 CALIBER BOOLIT.

    Anything you get will do just fine. If you ever buy a .380 or .32 ACP then you should start sweating over the best gee-whiz hyper vel JHP round available.

    When you have a .45, don't worry about who makes the best atomic fireball black talon gold claw area 51 exploding douchebag bullet at 5 bucks a pop.

    Just buy some good GI Ball ammo on the cheap, practice with it A LOT and consider yourself well armed.
  5. BarryHalls

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    I have researched the .45 ACP very extensively and let me tell you that out of the ammo that made the One Shot Stop Study, Federal 230 grain standard pressure Hydra Shok and Remington 230 grain standard pressure Golden Saber are statistically tied as man stoppers.

    Now, that said, both of those designs have actually IMPROVED in function since the study was done.

    Even more interestingly Federal came out with HST in 2002. Now, I thought HST was just the old Hydra Shok in a new box. Nope. It looks the same, but expands almost 50% more and penetrates around 30% more than the 'improved' Hydra Shok and 'improved' Golden Saber.

    Federal 230 grain HST is about the nastiest hardest hitting stuff you can buy. For shorter barrels you MIGHT consider 185 grain +P HSTs, but anything over 4" go with the 'standard' which is 230 grains. (Yes, barrel length makes a difference, but GENERALLY if you have a shorter barrel, just get +P in whatever is best at standard pressure in the full sized barrel.) The HSTs also grossly outperform the GS and HS after striking many different wall materials. The GS and HS each perform a LITTLE better in ONE medium, but fall far short over all.

    Google search "Federal 230 HST comparison" in different combinations and you will find the article about a police and FBI test done comparing different weights of HST to GS, HS, and a Winchester load.

    It's truly amazing stuff.

    All of that said. I still carry my old 230 gr GS because it is a NASTY man stopper and I haven't come by a good deal on HST. So, don't feel 'under armed' if you have any quality hollow points, but since you asked, HST is the best out right now.

    I'm VERY interested in "Golden Saber Bonded". It WILL NOT break up, and penetrates much better than the old GS, but doesn't expand quite as much. So, what interests me is how it performs in a +P 185. The old GS 185+P used to be the most dramatically expanding bullet on the market, but had problems breaking up and under penetrating. It stands to reason that the 'bonded' may correct these problems and balance out the performance. But still, the HST is insanely devastating, and it's been proven to be so to my satisfaction. That's what I'm buying next.
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    I like the Federal hydra-shok and have several thousand of them. I'll probably shoot a few and pick up some HSTs, but yes. I'm a huge fan of the Hydra-Shok. 100% one shot stops on Boars at my grandma's house. And that's almost 12 boars.
  7. Drunkonjack

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    Great stuff thanks guys ! That is why I love this place.

    I did pick up a box of Remington 230GR JHP & a box of 185GR Golden Saber at a gun show this weekend.

    I just wanted something on hand and picked these two boxes up.

    Had a wake up call this weekend. A friend of ours that happens to live in a very nice neighborhood being a doctor and all wife being the daughter of our mayor. They had someone enter thier home and slept in their basement only to be found by thier daughter. They were all shken up pretty good by this and luckily no one was hurt. Very scary stuff !
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    New York
    Drunkonjack, you might want to take a look at Hornady's Critical Defense ammo too. The folks at Guns & Ammo think well of it in terms of penetration, expansion and delivery of energy on target. It's now available in .45 ACP as well as the smaller calibers they introduced the bullet with.
  9. Huey Rider

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    Everything I've read or heard about Hornaday's Critical Defence round has been possitive. The polymer tip ensures expansion when going through clothing etc.Something to consider.
  10. Palladin8

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    Whatever you select you need to shoot several boxes through your pistol to make sure it will function 100% of the time.
    I like the Golden Saber as well. I use the 185 in my kimber.
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    More important than the best design for stopping power is if it will feed in your gun without jamming. I don't know about the 45 but smaller guns work well with the good old silver tips (Winchester or S&W makes them I don't remember witch at the moment) but I do know they feed with 100% reliability and have great stopping power.
  12. BarryHalls

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    That's something I didn't consider.

    The really nice guns like S&W should feed anything you want with no problems, though.
  13. oldjarhead

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    Not necessarily true...I have a Colt 1911 (old style) that simply detests Sierra 185 gr HP.
    I'll have to try the Hornady.
  14. mitchr

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    I agree with the posts about the Federal HST ammo. I've seen numerous tests for expansion & penetration & it has passed with flying colors in all calibers. However, it can be hard to find. I have some on order for about 3 weeks now. In lieu of it, I have seen good tests for Winchester's PDX1 ammo in .40 S&W & .45 ACP. It did not do so well in 9mm. Another is Corbon DPX (be sure it's the DPX, not their JHP).
  15. Darkfront

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    I use Hornady's TAP LE CQ round. 230gr +P JHP. Terminal ballistic reports are favorable, but no personally experience with that end of it thankfully. Very accurate round.
  16. BarryHalls

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    Indeed. 1911s are picky, especially Colts. They can be modified at home to feed ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, but they purposefully don't come from the factory that way unless you buy the 'target/match' models, that way they can charge you more for the design improvements that have been around since the 40s.

    I LOVE 1911s, but from the original design (which colt sticks close to) they all need the ejection port lowered and flared, the chamber throated, the feed ramp polished, if not graded, and I like the ejector beefed up, like the Wilson Combat, so that it slings the brass into the next county.

    But that's just me :)

    Other than that adding a squishy grip and enlarging the grip pedal and shrinking the beaver tail are nice.
  17. 9mmXDm

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    I'd look into the Hornady Critical Defense and if you want to pay for it some Winchester Ranger Talon Military/LE HP rounds.

    I have heard great things about the Hydra-Shoks and the HST's as well.

    Also Winchester Supreme Elites PDX1's are nice!
  18. hack1911

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    None of my 1911s are picky. Not even my super tight match guns. I've never seen a Colt that was picky either, in my experience Colts are especially non-picky, my 38 Super will run with any ammo, same goes for my Commander. Maybe I've just been lucky.
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  19. FS00008

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    My 1911s will feed pretty much any JHP. Most of them are older than I am. I'm not sure what you're talking about with regards to the 1911's feeding ability...
  20. FS00008

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    And what's this about the ejection port? I only have a few that have lowered and flared ports and I notice absolutely no difference in ejection with those and my standard GI models...