Pest control in .22LR shotgun?

Discussion in 'Henry' started by draftingmonkey, Apr 15, 2020.

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    <Maybe you guys could import some big snakes to eat them, maybe some boas or something. Does anybody eat boa?
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    Funny you should mention that, we are already overrun with big snakes, mostly in the 'glades. Most people don't leave pets and small children un attended in Metro Dade County or the greater Miami area any more. A bunch of boa's, anaconda's and pythons got set loose by a hurricane in the everglades around the time of Katrina and Charlie. Again, they have few natural predators and so are taking over the habitat.

    The state pays people to try to keep the population in check. They ride the levee's and berms on quads and shoot them on sight. (suppressed Ruger 10-22's mostly) A local Indian reservation has sole rights to skins and meat, they process and resell. pretty good deal for all concerned, except the snakes. (I applied for that job, but I'm just too old and stove up.)
    I don't care to eat the various Boa's and pythons, but I'm good with anaconda steaks. Lot's of people eat them all, must be a culture thing.

    As has been said before, if you have a critter you want gone, put it on a menu somewhere...

    Pest control and invasive species management is becoming big business in South Florida. I'm waiting for the Nutria to make it down here, then I can fish and set a truly bountiful table.

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    sometimes life learning experiences can be painful, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially if you are not the one experiencing the pain.
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  5. .. Somehow your reply ended up in the "quote".
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    Whew, I didn't remember typing that last paragraph, roflmao
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    I guess I didn't recall correctly. I had thought there was a small, smoothbore gun, like the Crickett or Chipmunk or whatever the name was. I was going to buy it for my kids - some 30 years ago- but the gunshop guy had pointed out it was smooth bore. For that reason I had bought a different gun that was rifled. Oh well. Memories are funny sometimes.

    My grandson has that rifle now. And just the other day, my grandson and granddaughter were building AR's of their own with their Dad's guidance. That was after I showed my daughter and my son-in-law how to build theirs. In fact my 3 kids all shoot, and my 7 grandchildren do too.
    The hard part is going to be, who will get which guns when it's my time? (hopefully a long time from now)
  8. I remember from my youth there being some smoothbore .22's and even then they were kind of an oddity / niche item that most folks didn't consider, though I can't remember any specific guns. The modern Cricket's I had never seen until 5-10 years ago (not that I was paying attention or looking for them) and they are pretty cheesily built, not like the old single shot .22's that were 1st guns meant to be handed down over generations, but then I've got more .22's than I'll ever have Children and Grandchildren combined so I guess it doesn't matter.

    That's Cool! It's good to see / hear folks sharing and getting newer generations into exercising their 2a rights... Two years ago my Son and I built a pair of AR's with longer barrels and rifle length gas systems on them. It was fun and a good experience. So far only my Son has shown some interest in shooting but not a huge amount, Though I did take my Daughter to the range here recently as it had been a while and wanted to do a refresher in case she ever needed to use a firearm, and I gave her an AR-15 and had her get familiar with it, so when she does get out on her own she'll have a kit with all the necessities and the know-how to use it if needed.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll pass them on to my buddy.