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  1. Rocky7

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    I think we need a place to post the things we find annoying and we're not sure if we're getting old and crotchety or if they bug other people, too. Sometimes I know I'm a bit off the reservation but I'd like to have a wee rant anyway.
  2. Rocky7

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    So, today I'm looking at a nice 6mm custom build I was interested in. The guy gives me the whole nine yards of specs, custom barrel etc. etc. Then he says "You can't build it for my asking price. "

    Really......Who'd-a-guessed? OF COURSE I couldn't! That's what happens with custom builds, bro. You spent a bunch of money, change your mind, see some other shiny thing, have a minor stroke - whatever - and now you're going to sell it at a loss. Welcome to custom builds. I won't bother with an offer because if I wanted to spend the cost of your custom build, I'd pay for my own custom build with my own wood, etc. etc.
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  3. I don't think Chris has enough data space for me to list my pet peeves & rants :D
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  4. Rocky7

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    Go on, give it a go. :)
  5. Rocky7

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    Here's another one that hit me a couple times this week. I go into a restaurant for lunch. Service is slow. Food is ok, but there's only 6 people in the danged place so why am I waiting so long for a piece of fried meat? Then, after eating I stand at the till for a lonnggggggg time with the bill in my hand waiting for Ms I"m in the Bathroom Doing My Nails to come and take my money. I have a job and need to get back to work sometime today. Then, I hear this syrupy "Have a nice day, now" when she thinks there is a tip coming her way. Surprise! Next time, start the good stuff sooner.
  6. TACAV

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    People that when in the left turn/ U turn lane at a large intersection who still feel the need to have to swing wide right out into the next lane on their right to make their U-turn.... When there are FOUR lanes worth of space to make their turn on the other side.


    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Oh hell I do that all the time. Remember I'm an old truck driver and I ALWAYS have to swing wide. Even in a 96 Dodge pickup with an 8 foot bed:D
    Remember I've always got a 53 foot trailer draggin along behind. Even if it ain't there, it's there in my mind:D

    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    People in general:D
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  9. Junction15

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    We call that "The Buggy Turn" - swinging wide so the carriage will follow the horse without running the wheels off the path.
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  10. Big Dog

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    I have a LOT of peeves. Some regarding peoples' driving habits. Some regarding their varying degrees of illiteracy online. Some regarding politics. Some regarding junkmail.
    And more......
    Just too much to list.
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  11. Junction15

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    One of my pet peeves is about those jackwagons that throw out their trash all along my property. I have 1700' of road frontage and a water hole halfway down that everyone likes to fish in. I mow the shoulder as wide as I can and I mow the paths along the stream so's the kids and older folks can get easier access. My return? At least a full size trash bag of garbage every week. And none of that is tossed on the other side that is not kept up. Nope! All on my side to give me a hearty thank-you.
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  12. 870shooter1

    870shooter1 G&G Evangelist

    Those that ride in the passing lane and expect others to pass on the right.

    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    NO... In my mind I'm still drivin a truck. Just a smaller one:p

    TNPIRATE Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum Forum Contributor

    Believe it or not but them railroad workers, and engineers are pretty nasty. CSX gives their workers free bottles of water. Those water bottles end up in my yard.
    Along with the other trash the workers in the vehicles leave alongside the road.

    BUT when the wind blows that trash either blows up to the railroad property, or the other way back up the street. Depends on which direction the wind is comin from.
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  15. Phone rings say hello and nobody talks, or it's a computer asking for a donation.
  16. 90% of my day to day rage occurs from idiots driving...I can't hardly drive 5 minutes without someone making me cuss :p

    I have a 40 mile one way commute to work, I have morons trying to kill me at least once a week.
  17. Tonight's rant is over marlboro reds...and gas stations only having them in softpack. They were sold out of boxes.

    With softpacks, you can't hardly get the first 2 out, then the other 18 fall out every time you move the pack.

    They get crumpled and smashed, by the end of the pack you look like you're smoking a Krazy Straw.

    On a related drives me crazy that when I order reds now, the cashiers always ask "longs or shorts?"

    A red is a dang red....If'n I wanted a red 100, I'd have said so dagnabbit!!!

    I never got asked that question until about 5-7 years ago, and now it's every time I buy smokes.
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  18. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    One of my pet peeves is when a waitress brings me a ticket before I'm finished eating. I've even had them drop the ticket on my table before they have brought my order.
  19. CountryBoy

    CountryBoy G&G Evangelist

    Same as a couple of the others, there's not enough room... but here is a start.

    Also, when you pass someone and you are courteous enough to get on ahead of them by a couple or three car lengths instead of getting in a hurry and trying to take off their fron bumper when you change lanes back AND the car behind you passes you on the right then 2 or 3 more pass you on the right instead of giving you a chance to move over...

    I am probably the only one who will understand what I just said... LOLOL!!
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  20. ChaZam

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    People that try to justify their mistake by pointing out what the other guy did wrong...

    Case in point I witnessed a rear end accident awhile back. I was at a stop light in the right hand southbound lane at an intersection of a city street. The east and westbound traffic had green lights. Both streets at this intersection have 4 lanes and a left turn lane and left turn lights as well. So there is a guy in a older Dodge pickup in the northbound left turn lane facing me. He did not have a turn signal visible from my vantage point. So a youngish female in a Camry comes zipping up the street and smacked the old Dodge pickup in the hind in. At the last split second she tried to swerve back into the thru lanes but was too close to him. I made a quick right on the light that was still red for me and a right again into a convenience store parking lot. Called 911 and went to the pickup to check on the guy and he was okay from all indications as was the lady in the Camry. I informed them that I had called 911 and would wait for the police to arrive since I witnessed the whole thing. I stepped into the shade by the building and the young lady approached and she was quite visibly nervous and agitated. I knew it was going to be really interesting though when she said, "you saw what that SOB did, he didn't even have his turn signal on". LOL She really looked crestfallen when I said the absence of a turn signal doesn't make it okay to @$$ end him at a red light. When the police got there she tried the same line of reasoning with them to no avail. They gave her a ticket and I gave them my statement and went on my way. Things like that peeve me.