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  1. Ten Man

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    That would have raised some eyebrows! LOL!!!!
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    Central AZ
    Could be worse. The last place I lived, I was home alone, headed for the shower in my boxers when I spotted two well-dressed young men heading up the front sidewalk.

    Oh, great.

    I waited till they rang the bell, then answered in my skivvies. You could see the shock on their faces, but they gamely carried on.

    "We were in the neighborhood and stopped to see if you had a few minutes?"

    "You're here at the perfect time," I told them enthusiastically. "Me and the old lady are getting down to it, and we need someone to work the camera - Hey! Where ya' going?"
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    The mess hall opens at 5:30pm for supper. My bus leaves for the shop at 6:00pm. Needless to say I get there at 5:20pm to be first or near first in line.

    Usually by the time the door opens there is 10-15 people standing at the entrance like "Black Friday" shoppers waiting to get in. Normal stuff, all to be expected.

    EVERY evening there will be that ONE person who has to push through the crowd to grab the door handle and see if it is locked. EVERY day!!

    Do you really think we are all standing there trying to BLOCK the entrance? #$%&!#- idiots!! Or they will walk up and look through the window in the door. Or the best is they will walk up.grab the door handle to find it locked then start banging on the door. Once again IDIOT!

    Oh, there is a sign within 4' of the door with hours of operation posted on it. I have gotten to the point that I laugh "obviously" out loud at them.
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  4. Ten Man

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    I'm not saying this applies to you, but there are instances in which a line of idiots stand outside in the rain, by an unlocked door, until someone comes along and tries the door, and finds it is unlocked.

    Human behavior is predictable, and highly irrational. LOL!
  5. 44dog

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    Friends that say they will be coming over in a couple hours but never show up and worst of all they don't have the decency to call and tell they will not be coming over. That's BS.
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  6. Agreed! Or they tell you they're on their way and somehow don't show up for 3-4 hours with no explanation or apology for wasting your day.
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    How about those Christmas car giving commercials! My favorite is the one where the guys buys 2 GMC trucks. One for him and one for the wife. Probably costs $90,000 but hey everybody can afford that!! What BS. Afraid I don't live in that world.
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    Think maybe that's just their way of getting to the front of the line?
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    No, they usually turn and leave once they find the door is locked. :D
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    I will never feel sympathy for people trying to buy stuff we are out of for hunting days before season. This week's tragedy is muzzle loading supplies.
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  11. austinjoe13

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    Guys who can't clean their pee off of a public toilet seat.
  12. Mindy up North

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    "any toilet seat"! :D

    ... And I will add it's not just guys in public, you haven't seen the mess in a ladies restroom after several failed "hover pee" attempts.
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    ^ Yeah I have. I had a janitor job in a past life. I've seen the aftermath of a hover pee that must have missed. The ladies' room was cleaner than the men's room, but none of the seats were anything i would sit on with out a good dosing of Lysol. In fact, our shop keeps a can of Lysol in every stall - and not just for the stink.
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  14. Doctors who think they're gods, their patients are idiots and don't listen.

    I'm not going to get into the details, but when all the research my nurse practitioner and I have done, along with the National Institutes of Health, The Mayo Clinic, and 3 other prestigious research hospitals say there is such a thing as chronic pancreatitis and a doctor with a god complex says there isn't, there's a problem.
  15. mitchr

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    I hired on as a "gofer" with a company & one of my jobs was cleaning the rest rooms. The women's rest room was always the nastiest!! :eek:
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  16. Mindy up North

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    And that is why I never put my purse on the floor.
  17. TXplt

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    I was in a particularly spiritual mood one day when two folks came up (think it was JW rather than LDS but might have been some other offshoot) towards the door (I was in the driveway and so said from there 'can I help you').

    Anyway we got into a fairly lengthy discussion about the higher powers of our understandings. I wasn't really interested in going to their place of worship just more in some talking about our understanding of God and spiritual philosophy.

    At some point they said "well, we gotta get going" and used a break in the discussion to end things and hi-tail it out of the neighborhood. To this day I remember out chatting a couple of missionaries.

    I thought it funny in that it's usually the other way around.
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    I had a pair of JW's come up to the door one day. I explained that I am spiritual, but not religious. I don't attend organized religion for many reasons. The one reason I shared with them, is I don't like people twisting scripture to make their point. 1 of them promptly quoted a scripture and twisted it to mean that "scriptures are supposed to be reinterpreted to say whatever you want to get converts".
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    More Royal family nonsense. That couple should get out of England and move to Arizona and start a nice gun collection!
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    well she is a hollywood libtard so.....