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  1. Started a new job and made supervisor in less than 60 days. I give the manger all the info and times and dates to watch the video of an employee doing things that should have gotten them fired and the manager not following the rules and firing the employee. Maybe the rules only apply to a few and not all.
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    Customer service automated answering machines & customer service reps with an accent so heavy, can't understand anything they say.

    Need to talk to someone regarding an online account. Call is answered by a machine with a list of options to choose from by pressing certain numbers. None of the options are exactly what you need, so you press '0' for an operator & are told they didn't understand your reply. You select any of the offered options, hoping that will get you to a human. No chance! This time, however, when none of the new options fit, it does accept your plea for an operator & estimates you'll have a wait.

    After being on hold for several minutes, someone comes on the line, but with such a strong accent you're not sure what they said, so you say 'hello'? They repeat whatever they said & you guess that maybe it was hello.

    You give them your name & state your question. You get a barrage of instruction/questions, but you can't tell if asking for more information or instructions to do something. For about 15-20 minutes of asking them to please repeat, etc, etc, you give up. You have just spent about 30 minutes of your life & accomplished exactly nothing!:(

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    Employees that will even show up for work on time are hard to find in today's business place so the employers will bend over backwards to try to keep them. We had some that would only put in about 2 or 3 hrs work in a 10 hr period & they wouldn't fire them.(we called them clock suckers) Then because the work wasn't getting done we had to give up our weekends to get the work finished. After about three months of this & work fired about half of them but we still had to work weekends to make up for the missing employees. I couldn't take it anymore & told them I was retiring. So it's not my problem anymore.
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    We regularly hear about how the entitled slackers are going to hit reality in the workplace.

    Seems to me that businesses are bending over backwards to accommodate the entitled slackers anymore.
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    And it's discouraging to those of us who actually do the work.
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    I really felt like I was being punished because they wouldn't work. I ask one guy about it & he told me "to work smarter not harder" that means to me to think of ways to get more work done in less time.
    To him it means slow down take all the time you can on the job & the boss will get others to help do your work.:eek::mad:
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    ^^^ All of that is stuff I do not miss at all about being in the work force. It didn't matter if it was when I was in the transportation industry, or employed in auto parts sales at a dealership, or building tank cars for the railroad industry, or working in the shop at a Chris Craft boat dealership, I always had to contend with those sons and daughters of the devil who knew the minimum amount of effort they could put in without getting fired. Many of them though were thought of to be excellent multitaskers by supervisors who were too stupid to see what was really happening right under their nose on a daily basis. Some sucker was always dropping a trailer at a customer's dock somewhere with a flat tire or a busted brake drum and the next driver got the task of getting that fixed and dealing with the upset people because a "just in time" scheduled load was late. Or a lazy slug in the rail car plant who took the good leads off of another welding machine instead of repairing the one on their machine or going to supply and getting a new one. Or the poser in the parts department that was grabbing phone calls all day and taking orders and at quitting time 3 or 4 of us had to stay late to pull and bill those parts for customers we didn't wait on, get stuff ready for UPS, & FedEx, while their drivers were waiting. Pulling stuff and billing it under lazy boy multitaskers number so that our local driver could get it to thhe bus station before they closed. Many times we would go to pull an order that they had pre-billed and find that there was no part on the shelf, so then we had to deal with their last minute PO'd customer. Yes sir, that was all years ago and it still burns me up...
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    A maintenance engineer once told me, when you get a new piece of equipment in, put your laziest person on it & he'll figure out the easiest way to operate it.:p
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    All this new sh** we have to go through to renew our license. Also car inspection in some states. $35 bucks thrown away. Lets not forget only 17 states have this bull.
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    Wow, $35?? You are getting hosed! It's $7.50 here! They do specify cash because they can't afford to pay the credit card fee on the $7.50.:p
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    My high school job was at a grocery store and part of the job was cleaning the bathrooms and the women's restroom was always 1,000 times nastier and smellier than the men's rooms.

    And usually lots of 'used products" just tossed about anywhere. :confused::confused:

    Also in my current job I've noticed that outside of vehicles used for work (like a work truck with tools and crap everywhere, but when talking about people's personal cars... the nastiest cars with all sorts of trash and clutter everywhere are more often than not female's cars, not male's cars.
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    You bet mitchr. Stinkin Ma. and R.I. are real pits. Of course gun laws blow too!!
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    That's exactly what they did & he learned to operate it by crashing it. It was a CNC mill & because it was new we didn't have any replacement parts for it. He had been sent to school to learn how to run this new equipment but he still crashed it. It took three weeks for the repair Co to send someone down to see how bad it was, order parts & get it fixed so he could try it again.
    It took about 6 months before he could get a program to run. On top of that he was supposed to teach the rest of the crew to operate the new CNC machines coming in. Him & his lazy buddy's is all that got access to the equipment & he would take half a day to punch in a program & the other half to get it up working, then erase everything to start again the next day.
    I finally figured out how to run these machines myself by getting online & looking at the manuals from the Co. It takes me about 5 min to program a small run & maybe 20 for something complicated.
    I ask him one day why he wouldn't save the programs he was punching into the computer on this machine (it has a memory made to do this) instead of punching the program in each time. After looking at me all wide eyed like I wasn't supposed to know that, he told me that it slows the machine down to have all that in the memory. LOL I'm glad I'm done.
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  14. mitchr

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    He didn't say the dumbest, he said the laziest. :p
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    I got so burned out on we working with idiots, dopers, drunks and slackers I'm almost glad I qualify to file for disability.
    One thing I have zero tolerance for are whiney bitch assed 20 something's crying about how hard the work was.
    One had a tantrum when we had to work late to cover the raw chicken meat with ice. The putz had the ice shovel, think stainless steel snow shovel, and I was getting real tempted to take it away from him and smack him one with it.
    The moron had no concept of overtime pay. I mean heck dude it's called money you earned .... and you get time and a half and you whine and have a hissy fit!!!!????
    Worse yet the dude was working there with .....his mommy. Idgit also had yellow and pink dyed hair. So I nicknamed him "Peacock Boy".
    Think about the joke involving the old WWII veteran and the teenager with the multicolored hair at the food court.:rolleyes:
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    x2. I have started to request that they find someone who can speak English and put them on the phone. Seems to have a slight good effect.
  17. Rocky7

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    Stupid gun ads.

    Like this one I've often seen: "Burris Veracity XXX for sale for $$$$$ or will trade if you have something I'm interested in."

    Could I buy a vowel, there, Scooter? How the heck do I know what you're interested in!
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  18. Stupid people asking stupid questions and making stupid comments.

    I'd been out cutting up the tree trunk for about an hour this morning when I realized some guy in a pickup was on his 3rd trip past the house and decided to stop.

    Bubba rolled down his window and asked if my husband knew I was out there running the chainsaw. Needless to say, I was a little bit annoyed, so I announced that "No, my husband didn't know because he was DEAD! So why don't you get out of your truck and help instead of making assumptions? Oh wait! Don't bother, your 9 month beer belly might get in the way of the chainsaw" ,turned around and split another piece of wood.
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    Corono Virus is in the next county.
    Not so worried about my self. But worried for my wife as it effects the respiratory system and she has major respiratory problems. She is having some slight issues right now but we are afraid to go to the doctor in case someone comes in with it, while she is there.
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    I've got a new one: doctor's who start asking you questions that you just answered on the 4 pages of paperwork their staff gave you to fill out before you even saw the treatment room. I took little Dolores to a specialist at CHKD yesterday and it was clear to me within 1 minute of him coming in the room that he had not looked at the paperwork. And my own doctor is even worse; every time I go she asks me when my last eye exam was.