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    It seems that very few grocery employees know how to bag properly anymore. My three biggest peeves are when they mix the raw and cooked meats (or raw meats and produce) in the same bag, when I find the dishwasher tabs and other cleaning products with the meat, and when you buy 5 things and end up with 6 empty bags by the time you've unpacked at home. I've begun complimenting the ones I see still bagging intelligently.
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    Really? So referring to a file born of unmarried parents gets bleeped out? Goofy....
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    Yeah, I went thru that procedure also in outside sales. I had a large territory & pagers weren't dependable, but worked most of the time. 'Course, at that time also had to deal with long distance & roaming charges, especial when at home & the long distance was on your personal phone. Company finally broke down & got us phone credit cards. Before getting my "bag phone", I'd call into the office "800" number from a pay phone, twice a day for messages, then use the card to call the customer.
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    I have torn the can part of the filter off & had to use a cold chisel & a hammer in the return holes to get it to move. Use hand only to put it on.
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    Don't know why, but I've had trouble getting filters off that I, myself, put on, by hand, the last time! What makes 'em get tighter??:(

    'Course, the only one I change now is on my mower & I do have to use a wrench to get it off, even though I installed it by hand!
  6. AK Hunter

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    After too many bad results from so called auto repair places I do my own oil changes. I use these pliers to remove most of the old filters. I have one truck that I have to use the cap type because I can't get to it with anything else.

    filter pliers.jpg
  7. Offered two items locally for FREE, a Harmon PP38+ pellet stove and a Craftsman 10" Electronic
    Radial Arm Saw....both ads stated that they are to be loaded by the taker...the Harmon is heavy, guy show up with a pickup and no help...had to load it with a 2-ton hydraulic lift using my straps and my time. The same with the saw, guy shows up with a pickup no tie-down no ramp no hand truck...this is much lighter than the stove, but really? Gave him some scrap wood and a used motorcycle tire to wedge it for the ride home... then again last week I offered up a hardwood tree that was limbed and brushed the large leaders and trunk were free to any taker. A guy about my age showed up with a saw and a peavy and a hand truck. He cut the wood moved it to his trailer and then cleaned up all the sawdust and mess with a leaf blower...some folks get it, some don't and probably never will.
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    Internal website search engines that show you what you generally want mixed in with +/-1200 other vaguely related products.
    Then when you narrow down the search parameters to what you want it consistently blocks 99% of your screen with the " Narrow your search" menu that will not go away!

    I'm talking about Primary Arms!
    I'm trying to find a LPVO Scope 1-6 or higher like 1-8 maybe and a mid range price and quality. So I wanted to have a look see at their scope but very annoyed with their website.
    And verysvery of battling with the optics area.
    I've ordered AR parts and accessories from them without this much trouble.
    For the price point I have in mind I'll probably go wit Burris.
  9. redcaddy51

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    I was just visited by an old pet peeve.
    I went on line to check my account balances on my credit union account. I was confronted with 3 pages of choices, password changes and several layers of "security" BS. I could not access my account unless I filled out all the blanks and stuff.

    I called the help line. Three different people tried to help me fill in the blanks before I got the point across that I just wanted to access my account, not buy the Queen Mary. Finally, I was shuffled off to an IT specialist.

    After many questions deflected and circular conversation, I explained to the young man that I was 70 years old with over 35 years membership and I was **** well not going to reset my password each time I logged on and keyboard thru 5 layers of security to check my account balance or use the bill pay service. I was informed that if I wanted to use the mobil banking services, I would have to comply. (**** off you old *******)

    All 3 of my accounts and 2 direct deposit accounts are now closed and the cashiers checks, for all my account balances are in the mail. (they wanted to charge me $50.00 for an ETF to another bank)
    Tomorrow I start shopping for a new bank.

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  10. Ron The Legend

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    My credit union union is so backwards that to make a truck payment we still need to send a check to them. Cannot pay online, for loans.
  11. BigEd63

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    You're lucky to get a human being on the weekend. I've had horse crap with the electronic banking system my account is tied to before on the weekend and no recourse but to wait until Monday.
    Only reason I don't change banks is the local branches have decent people and if I call them they jump through hoops to make it right.
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  12. Rudeness! Especially when I'm just trying to do my job which means asking you questions so you're in compliance with federal law.

    One case I had today was as pleasant as anyone could hope for. I knocked on the door, and an older gentleman answered. I introduced myself, explained why I was there and asked if he had about 10 minutes to fill out the information with me. He did and we got through it in about 5 minutes with no fuss.

    Then there was the nasty old cow who answered the door at another stop. I was told to take my f'ing census BS, shove it up my f'ing arse and get the F off her property before she called the mother f'ing cops. The entire time I walked to the car, hubby started it and we left, she was screaming all kinds of filth.

    How hard would it have been to simply tell me she wasn't going to do it, tell me to leave and slam the door? That wouldn't upset me at all. At the worst I would have fussed for a second or two and that would have been the end of it.

    Instead I've made a whole lot of notes about the interaction, marked the case as dangerous and made it painfully clear that the next visit should be made by somebody with a badge and a gun. Payback is going to be a bi$ch.
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  13. redcaddy51

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    Yep, my credit union has been helpful in the past, I got stupid people on the help line this time. The disrespect was palpable. Must be the weekend crew. I'm pretty sure when I walk into my next bank, with a sizeable deposit, they might take the time to be nice. However, I will make the point that it can leave as fast as it comes in. My credit union was paying me less than a dollar a month interest on a 30K passbook. I can bankroll a street hustler and make more bank. If the next bunch irks me, I will.

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  14. mitchr

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    I've said it before, I dislike computers & they dislike me. I have one bill that I still pay on line. All the rest got to be a PITA every time we tried to pay them. I contacted them & started getting paper bills in the mail & send them a paper check! If that one bill ever gives me problems when trying to pay on line, it'll be handled the same way from then on!
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    Have you tried opticsplanet?
  16. Ranger4

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    Unless you put your money into a CD or similar savings you are not likely to get over a half percent.
    Ween through that same krap yesterday with my credit union. They now have all these financial planning options. One of them simply says, "sync accounts". If you hit that button it gives them the right of access to every back or credit union account you have in your name. So, if you can write checks say on your parents account, or are a party on a kids account, you hit that sync button and they all show up as your assets. Had a long discussion with them about, finally they said, well don't hit that button.

    Then there were the charts and graphs. One showed that I had zero income for 5 months and then in August I deposited nearly $30,000. Not true. I tried to explain to 2 people there that federal banking laws require accurate reporting and I did not deposit the $30K. Then there was the budgeting link. It actually said that my average monthly expenses were $6.50 per month. Actually that is the amount of the last check that I wrote. I have money in the place and now am worried. The computer does not know anything and the workers know less.
  17. mitchr

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    Had an on-line savings with one bank & another bank bought it out. In trying to get a 1099-INT for my income tax, found I couldn't access it. Spent two trips to town to the brick & mortar branch, trying to get it fixed. Boiled down to the fact that I don't have an expensive cell phone & a $50-$60 monthly contract. A voice code on my land line to confirm who I am was not an option. They must do it by text message to my cell phone. Problem is, they could easily access records of carriers that the cell number does in fact belong to me, but they can't do that with a prepaid phone.:(

    Despite the fact that I was sitting in the office of the local manager & he had 3 photo IDs of me, they would not accept his word that I was who I am & the cell phone did belong to me!!:rolleyes: He said about all I could do would be to close the account out & take it somewhere else! They'd let him write me a check, but would not let me have access on line!! Dummies!!o_O
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  18. redcaddy51

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    Welp, I've come to the conclusion that only a reset will bring back sound monetary practise, honest, courteous, interpersonal dealings and what we used to call "the american way" (sorry Superman)

    I just watched a candidate for the office of president glibly tell 6 patient lies, all easily verifiable, visibly edited, the position of the knot in his tie changed, at least 5 times that I counted, in the 15 second spot. Obviously, the left thinks we, the people, are very stupid. I fear we are.

    I'm contemplating a return to cash money to settle debts. I have had cash payment refused by businesses I no longer trade with and been encouraged to pay for coffee, at a local 7-11, with a credit card. (they surreptitiously add 3 % )

    Last week, I tried to deposit a check for services rendered, drawn on the same bank that holds several of my accounts, and was told that the funds would be withheld for 10 days before I could withdraw them. I guess this fits their idea of "fast courteous service". It's time for the mouse to roar.

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  19. Ranger4

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    And the fine print is even worse. For example, an"electronic transfer" can be called back or cancelled for several days after is posts. Money is held up an electronic database somewhere in the universe. Some with certified funds and certified checks.

    We had some people come here from another state buy a truck for $44,000 and paid with a certified check. That check was cancelled a few days later and the seller did not know for a week or so and his truck had long since gone. Obviously a fraud but a big problem for those poor people. So, if you sell a high value item, you never let it go until your bank confirms the certified check or electronic transfer has gone through all the spots it needs to go. Nothing is instant.

    Many of the big companies are saying they are going to a cashless form of payment. Apparently, that "legal tender" does not apply anymore.
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    Nope as they pissed me off about advertising stuff in stock that wasn't about two weeks ago.
    I don't play that way.
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