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    It seems that very few grocery employees know how to bag properly anymore. My three biggest peeves are when they mix the raw and cooked meats (or raw meats and produce) in the same bag, when I find the dishwasher tabs and other cleaning products with the meat, and when you buy 5 things and end up with 6 empty bags by the time you've unpacked at home. I've begun complimenting the ones I see still bagging intelligently.
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    Really? So referring to a file born of unmarried parents gets bleeped out? Goofy....
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    Yeah, I went thru that procedure also in outside sales. I had a large territory & pagers weren't dependable, but worked most of the time. 'Course, at that time also had to deal with long distance & roaming charges, especial when at home & the long distance was on your personal phone. Company finally broke down & got us phone credit cards. Before getting my "bag phone", I'd call into the office "800" number from a pay phone, twice a day for messages, then use the card to call the customer.
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    I have torn the can part of the filter off & had to use a cold chisel & a hammer in the return holes to get it to move. Use hand only to put it on.
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    Don't know why, but I've had trouble getting filters off that I, myself, put on, by hand, the last time! What makes 'em get tighter??:(

    'Course, the only one I change now is on my mower & I do have to use a wrench to get it off, even though I installed it by hand!
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    After too many bad results from so called auto repair places I do my own oil changes. I use these pliers to remove most of the old filters. I have one truck that I have to use the cap type because I can't get to it with anything else.

    filter pliers.jpg
  7. Offered two items locally for FREE, a Harmon PP38+ pellet stove and a Craftsman 10" Electronic
    Radial Arm Saw....both ads stated that they are to be loaded by the taker...the Harmon is heavy, guy show up with a pickup and no help...had to load it with a 2-ton hydraulic lift using my straps and my time. The same with the saw, guy shows up with a pickup no tie-down no ramp no hand truck...this is much lighter than the stove, but really? Gave him some scrap wood and a used motorcycle tire to wedge it for the ride home... then again last week I offered up a hardwood tree that was limbed and brushed the large leaders and trunk were free to any taker. A guy about my age showed up with a saw and a peavy and a hand truck. He cut the wood moved it to his trailer and then cleaned up all the sawdust and mess with a leaf blower...some folks get it, some don't and probably never will.