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  1. PETA... People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

    If God did not want us to eat animals, he would not have made them out of delicious meat :)

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  3. lol I heard on the news in europe they want to protect the rights of plants as well as animals. The example they used was decapitating flowers was abuse and a crime or something. I am really interested in this if they want to protect plants and animals what are they gonna eat?
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    I could think of something for 'em.....matter of fact, I could make some up for 'em, once a day!!!!!
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    I crap twice a day :p

  6. I do wish the press would stop legitimizing fringe lunatics by giving them the publicity they so desperately crave and need.
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    and they woulda come with body armor.
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    Exactly. Also, if God didn't want us to eat animals, he would've made us Herbivores rather than Omnivores.
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    JohnBlaze, I downloaded that to my "Propaganda" pictures folder, thanks!
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    Oh for...

    I swear. Why do things that start as good ideas tend to be taken over by the nutbags? The Right has religious weirdos, the Left has enviro-psychos.

    Yeah, I'm sure racing horses are brutally mistreated. Nothing makes an animal perform at its peak like abuse, right?

    Whipping? A 90 lb jockey with a flexible stick canted towards his own back can obviously produce enough force to injure or hurt a horse. Of course he can. These people have obviously never been around real horses. Except for the leg bones under very specific conditions, they're frighteningly durable animals.

    Hypocrites, pet-killers, and nigh-terrorists. That's PETA for you.


    - Coeloptera
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    I say that to all of the people who tell me to stop eating meat haha.
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    have you heard Ron White's stand-up about his vegetarian friend? Hilarious. :lol:

    there's another one on my home computer of a bunch of goose hunters (I think) who have Peta spelled out in Geese. I'll post it later.

    nevermind I found it.

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    The really sad part is that PETA could do some great work if it wasn't filled with a bunch of damned nut-jobs. I'm all for preventing cruelty to animals, but I am not for interfering with nature's ideas of the food chain. I am also sure that my snakes would be unhappy if I tried to make them vegan, as some of these people are known to do with their pets.

    lol... I remember in high school... my friends and I were always fairly liberal, but when PETA had their table set up in the hallway, we always made sure to be eating a burger when we walked by, occasionally even feigning interest in their literature while still eating our burgers. Got quite a few dirty looks :)
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    PETA is like any lunatic fringe group - a small clique in charge conning a bunch of naive young (and some older) fools into supporting them. It's a power game, like usual. Follow the money.
    The really dangerous ones are ELF and other Eco-Terrorist groups - they kill indescriminately - people and animals - to make their point.
    The PETAfreaks would love to see all pets and livestock turned out into the wild - they have no conception how horrible a fate that would be for the animals. Fluffy the cat and Butch the dog have grown to depend on their humans - if they did survive awhile in the wild - it would be a brutal existence. I wouldn't want such a fate for my pets!
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  17. I love meat and I am an avid hunter, but we cannot use statements like this... Read Genesis again. He DID make us herbivores...:09:
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    ^ wow. All I can say...except that would be interesting hunting, though not much sport in it.

    Read a little farther. He killed the first animals to make clothing as well. I can't imagine Him wasting the meat, so I'm gonna assume they ate it.
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    I love it when PETA goes on their rampages of nonsence lol. especially animal testing.

    Mary Beth Sweetland, Type A Diabetic: Who has to inject herself with insulin which was researched and developed using animal testing on dogs. Marybeth is also a PETA Vice President.

    "I dont see myself as a hypocrite, I need my life to fight for the support of animals."

    ... animals who should have the same rights as people.

    Oh btw watch this on PETA its hilarious. warning bad language