Peta looses another Battle

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  1. And yet they still keep coming at us.....

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    Ohio School Superintendent Stands Up to PETA Demands- (09/13)

    School district officials in Ohio will not cave-in to demands from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The animal rights group wanted a northeast Ohio high school to stop using a live tiger cub as its mascot, but the school district says it will not end this tradition.

    The Tigers of Washington High School in Massillon, Ohio make sure they have their trusty mascot Obie, a 12-week-old tiger cub, at their football games. Recently, PETA sent messages to Massillon City Schools Superintendent Al Hennon asking that the school stop leasing and taking tiger cubs to games.

    Hennon’s response - “Hogwash.â€

    “I think the whole thing is ridiculous,†said Hennon. “That tiger is cared for so well, it’s unbelievable.â€

    The animal rights group has previously taken issue with Stump Hill Farm, the exotic animal farm where the last nine tiger mascots have been obtained. It claims the farm has mistreated animals, but according to Jim Rogers, a spokesman for the USDA, the facility has no violations.

    “I believe the school district is being used as a pawn in a battle PETA is having with Stump Hill Farms,†Hennon continued. “I will not deny the citizens of this community and our fans a tradition, which has more than a 30-year history, based on these allegations.â€

    School board member Richard Feucht agreed with Hennon, calling PETA’s request ridiculous. Mayor Francis H. Cicchinelli, Jr., a Massillon Washington High School alum, football coach Rick Shepas and Massillon football players are of the same mind.

    Recently, Hennon received a second letter from PETA repeating its order to stop using the live mascot. In the letter, PETA’s Animals-In-Entertainment Specialist Amy Rhodes went beyond calling for animal rights and criticized the quality of education within the school district.

    “Based on some of the written comments that we have received from Massillon Tigers fans, it appears that the school has failed in its primary function to educate students in basic spelling and grammar,†she wrote.

    Despite this cheap shot, Hennon says his stance remains the same. “We’re keeping Obie, and I will be responding to PETA, especially when they spell my name wrong.â€

    PETA’s salutation to the Superintendent was: “Dear Mr. Hennan.â€

    “They’re (PETA) not endearing themselves to me when they hammer the district on spelling and grammar.â€


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    Good for them - sc*ew PETA.

  3. Benny

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    You got that right, I know... how about we protest... we should have a big BBQ in front of PETA headquarters and bring our dogs so they can leave them presents! Just a thought...

  4. Big Dog

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    Can we E-mail 'em pictures of our latest trophies, this hunting season? "Oh, the Humanity, the horror!"

    Give each PETA leader a one-year membership to the NRA. All that junkmail from the NRA/ILA will drive 'em crazy. :D
  5. GARY D

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    Ah PETA.... world's largest hypocritical organization. I wonder how many of these anal *******s DON'T wear leather shoes or belts or eat at McDonalds. You can bet the actor PETAs all wear Gucci shoes. :hmmm: