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PETA officials collide with deer

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I found this on a strange news is cut/pasted as it was....this appeared to happen in gves one a loook into the twisted minds of these PETA types.....they sued the State of NJ for there hitting the deer.

PETA officials collide with deer


There's plenty of laughter and a little sadness in the hunting community over an incident involving a deer that collided with an automobile driven by two animal rights campaigners who belong to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The folks who worship at the altar of animals now want to sue a New Jersey game department over the incident, claiming it's the state's fault that it happened.

No, this is not an April Fool's joke — April is still weeks away. Besides, our newspaper frowns on such things. This is the real deal.

On Feb.14, PETA legal counsel Matthew Penzer sent a letter to Bob McDowell, director of the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, that said, "Pursuant to New Jersey state law, this will serve as notice that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Dan Shannon and Jay Kelly each reserves the right to bring an action for damages and/or injuries sustained in an automobile crash on November 16, 2001. Shortly before 1 o'clock in the morning on that date, while driving a Honda Civic belonging to PETA and while returning from a PETA [anti-hunt] campaigning tour, southbound on the New Jersey Turnpike, a deer darted out in front of the car and a collision resulted. The collision occurred at or near mile marker 15.4 in Woolwich Township, Gloucester County. Damage to the car was severe, resulting in a repair bill that exceeded $6,000.00 and loss of use of the car for nearly two months. The total amount of damages is, as yet, unknown.

"PETA, Mr. Shannon and Mr. Kelly believe that this collision, which occurred near the start of New Jersey's hunting season, was caused by the state's Department of Environmental Protection Fish and Wildlife Division and the Fish and Game Council as a result of their deer management program, which includes, in certain circumstances, an affirmative effort to increase deer populations. Despite the known dangers an increased deer population poses to motorists in the state, the Division and Council actively assist in increasing the deer population for the purpose of enhancing hunting opportunities and license revenues. The result, as was the case here, is a significant number of auto-deer collisions each year, causing significant injuries and property damage."

Penzer even went so far as to write a pretty good press release rehashing the deer vs. car incident that said, in part, "PETA saw red — and it wasn't just the blood of the animal [that was] fleeing hunters' guns."

We have no idea where Penzer received his information about the deer fleeing hunters' guns. How could he know that, since even he said the crash occurred "near" the start of the New Jersey deer season. In other words, the hunt had not begun, so where are the deer "fleeing hunters' guns" coming from? And is he aware that during cool November days, a deer more often than not will be involved in chasing after a potential mate, not worrying so much about hunters.

On three separate occasions during the past deer rut, which normally coincides with the Maryland and Virginia hunting seasons that I participate in, I spotted bucks with their noses to the ground, ignoring everything and everybody as they followed the scent of a female. One of the bucks did this with such haste that I nearly collided with him 200 yards from my home a week before the gun season began. In other words, there were no hunters "chasing" anything, but we might have had a dead deer all the same.

Not only that, one must wonder whether PETA is aware that 99 percent of all deer hunters wait for their deer, not chase them, knowing that would be sheer folly. Additionally, when a hunter happens upon a deer and it runs off, it will stop running within a couple hundred yards, so the argument that a gun-carrying hunter was doing his thing before the season began and so close to one of the busiest highways in the nation is more than suspect.

Now here comes the inevitable Walt Disney-zation of animals: PETA says it "opposes the fear, the disruption of herd members' relationships and the bloodshed suffered by the deer on grounds of cruelty to animals."

Deer aren't much interested in an elephant-style mentality that includes deep, emotional care for related herd members. To talk of "relationships" among deer is stretching things. And as far as the bloodshed is concerned, it is indeed a pity that the deer died and nobody thought to try and save as many steaks and roasts as possible but instead allowed good venison to go to waste.

What a pity.
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One O'clock in the morning? How many hunters are out at that hour? IDIOTS!
Too funny


I saw that a while back and loved it too. Almost as funny as the Peta-ites that wanted to make some kind of stupid statement by putting Blaze orange vests on 40 deer in a recent hunting season.

A fellow offered some type of reward for every deer brought in with one of these Peta vests on it. Something like 35 of them were turned in. One hunter was quoted as saying, "The vest made it real easy. You could see one of these deer comming for miles."

Funnier yet was the antis outside madison Wi one year. They organized a drive during the middle of the day, during gun season on public hunting grounds.

They walked from one end to the other, yelling a banging pots and pans to scare the deer away. Several Hunters commented it was the best hunting they ever had as they deer were everywhere at a time when they are normally bed down, innactive and hard to find.
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If it had been anyone but PETA putting vests on deer, or any other animal for that matter, it would have been in the courts before you could blink, hypocrytes.
So, the PETA idiots are trying to sue the state because they allegedly let the deer population get to big, while radically opposing hunting.

i am no longer living there, idiot politicians, idiot people, its the never-never land. (never this, never that):nod: :rolleyes: ;) :D
Putting vests on the deer is one of those false stories that has been put out there. I checked it out last year when it came out
Howdy Shaun

if the deer vest story was urban legend I apologize for contiuing to spread it. I thought it was from a credible source.

However, the deer drive was fact, and so is this little ditty-

Police were called to an urban cattle farm to investigate a woman found trampled to death in a bull's pasture.

After a few moments on the scene they concluded that the woman must have been the one, or part of a group that was going around and placing condoms on bulls in that area.

Does the word, "STOOOPID!" come to mind? And if she was part of a group, nice group to leave her laying dead in the field huh?

Peta is proof that lack of meat in your diet goes to your brain, thus droppin you to a bovine level (or lower) of intelligence.
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That's okay you didn't know sniper. I have heard of driving deer with dogs in some states
If we are what we eat, what does that make a PETAfreak?

:D :fuss: :D
I'm a meat and potatoes, gun carrying, nasty old man!

Oops! My application to peta might get cancelled when they learn of my intent to kill Bambi next month.(just kidding) He ll...I'd never consider joining a bunch of salad heads.
Oxford:nod: :D
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