PETA tries to battle milk with beer, again

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    The folks at PETA make even me look normal and well adjusted....course now I got a reason to use beer on my rice crispies...but wifee poo by drinking beer insteead of milk Im saveing a that will also fly at a traffic stop...why yes officer I have been drinking beer...but only to protect a cow :)

    PETA tries to battle milk with beer, again

    From Wire reports
    Posted September 20, 2002

    Got controversy?

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has revived its anti-milk "Got Beer?" campaign, with advertisements targeting students at the University of Florida, Florida State University and other campuses Thursday urging students to abandon dairy in favor of the brewery.

    The quarter-page ad features a silhouette of a beer bottle and reads: "Got . . . beer?! Better than milk, find out more at"

    "College students care about cruelty to animals, and they need to know, if they're consuming dairy products, they're promoting animal abuse and harming their own health," said Bruce Friedrich, director of vegan outreach for the Norfolk, Va.-based organization.

    In addition to the Florida universities, the campaign also targets schools identified by Princeton Review as the nation's top party schools. In addition to Florida and FSU, the list includes Penn State, Indiana, Colorado, Alabama, Buffalo, Clemson, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

    PETA also planned to run the ad at the University of Pennsylvania and at five schools Princeton Review identified as "stone-cold sober": Brigham Young, Wheaton College and the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard academies. The Daily Universe at Brigham Young and The Daily Pennsylvanian at Penn have refused to run the ad.

    PETA first came up with the slogan -- a spoof of the popular "Got Milk?" campaign -- two years ago, but it was retired after being criticized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other groups.

    Lisa Ritchie, a registered dietitian and assistant professor of family and consumer sciences at Harding University in Searcy, Ark., said it was ridiculous to claim that drinking beer is healthier than drinking milk.

    "I think, really, it is a stretch to say that beer is going to be better, that you can't drink milk responsibly," Ritchie said. "Beer is an empty-calorie food where you get about 130 calories in a can. It's not a real nutrient-packed substance, where milk, in an 8-ounce serving, you get an awful lot of nutrients."

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving has renewed its criticism of the campaign, calling the ad irresponsible. Wendy Hamilton, president of MADD, cited recent studies about binge drinking on campus and called the ad irresponsible.

    "It's absolutely ridiculous . . . it's an irresponsible, recycled publicity stunt that literally puts cows before kids. It's appalling," she said.
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    Mothers against drunk drivers, the Pope is against the pill, the union's against the workers.....worki'n against their will..

    I'm for love... I'm all for happiness...& Im for.. it you don't like it, cant ya just let is pass.


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    i had a Dr's apointment the other day for my neck problems . he wants to do another nerve conduction test( you know needles and stun gun ) he told me to drink a few beers before i came to take the test. go figure.:confused: :confused:
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    God, how I hate NCTs. Last time I got probed, they stuck the needle in at the base of my skull and wiggled it around for 5 minutes trying to get a better reading. I nearly peeled the skin off my arm.
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    i know the feeling the last one i took the Dr stuck the needle in my neck . needless to say the test ended . by my
    seems like with all this technology they can't find a more humane way to do this test. this is the last one if they can't get what they need with this one then the are %%^$^^&^ ed. tired of being a ginny pig .
  6. Tommy and BenP
    I know how those needles hurt. I had a spinal tap done about 5 years ago...twice! The Dr. didnt get the results he needed the first time so he let me rest for about an hour and did it again. The whole time he kept telling me--now dont move or you could be paralyzed for life. Real comforting. I think he just said that so I wouldnt turn around and choke the s**t out of him!
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    right on snake bite right on . i'd like to make them feel some pain to. i like it when they say it won't hurt that much.if anyone does not know what we are talking about try this .stick a sewing needle into you'er funny bone and wiggle it around. makes ne feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it .