Philadelphia police seize guns from lawful permit holders

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    In the last two years, Philadelphia police have confiscated guns from at least nine men - including four security guards - who were carrying them legally, and only one of the guns has been returned, according to interviews with the men.

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    just another revenue enhancer aka LEO thinking they can do what ever they want... ridiculous... but easily believable 90% of the time they're just on a power trip and wanted to exert it over this guy and help him outside for 4 hours in winter and denied him his diabetes medicine? and they offered him a 7500 settlement to fix it... it should have NEVER happened in the first place and i bet these cops wont even get a slap on the wrist im sorry for all the LEO's who are really good cops and dont think and feel that way (tacav) because its these guys that make all other police men disliked because they really don't even know the laws they are enforcing, they just enforce as they feel