Photo of 1903 early Modification on Striker

Discussion in '1903' started by Stock Doc, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. Stock Doc

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    Thought a few may want to see the modification on the striker so you know what the low serial number 03's have done to them. Mine has a R on it and wondered if it was correct for my RIA?
    Got my New U.S. Infranty Weapons of World War II by Bruce Canfield and I can't put it down. This is the book the photo was taken on. If you are into multiple WWII weapons I can't stress enough to get it. Rick B

  2. Bruce did another nice book on infantry weapons of WWI, that's supposed to be just as nice. Don't have the money saved for that one yet.

  3. marcus

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    "Ouch"! Thanks For The "Head's UP"!
  4. Oxford

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    Stock Doc: That's a great photo. Shows clearly which striker isn't hardened enough.

  5. PAPA G

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    i read a post some where that the CMP is making the low number springfields inoperable; is this one they modified?