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Picatinny Rail Help

Discussion in 'AR15' started by azguy, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. azguy

    azguy G&G Newbie

    Hey, looking for some help on a picatinny rail.

    I want an aftermarked quad rail for my M-4/AR-Carbine. I do not want a free float aluminum rail, I feel they are too heavy, too much trouble to install. Also I would like a plastic type rail that won't cut into my hands without rail covers, they are either too loose and always fall off, or too much of pain to remove.

    I saw a set at a gun show a while back, I cannot remember who made them, but it was some tati-cool outfit. I don't think they were too expensive. I have looked all over the internet and can't find them. They were two peice plastic covers, the kind that replace standard type covers, they had a type of picatinny quad rails, but being plastic they were rounded off on the outside edge, but deep and squaired off on the inside like a standard picatinny rail. They were real comfortable and did not cut into your hands, but still held lights and stuff.

    Does anyone know who makes or sells these. No big deal I'll just go with a typical after market set if I can not locate these. Thanks

  2. TACAV

    TACAV G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

  3. CrazyIvan

    CrazyIvan G&G Enthusiast

    I like CAA Products. They get the job done.
  4. azguy

    azguy G&G Newbie

    I am only doing battel with empty coffee cans and paper targets that will never shoot back. Ha Ha. So long as the flashlight and verticle grip don't fall off from recoil I am happy. Thanks for the links.
  5. jashoffa

    jashoffa G&G Newbie

    I would suggest you take a look at the magpul plastic handguards. They have slots to install rails only where you need them. Magpul is a good name in the AR world and they are not too expensive either. I intend to get some for my AR, I just haven't gotten round to it yet.
  6. azguy

    azguy G&G Newbie

    TACAV; Thoes grips were exactly what I was looking for but to be honest they are about as pricy as a cheep free float set up. I know UTG rails are less than 1/2 the price. Also, I know TAPCO is inexpensive and they make good stuff.
  7. DaTeacha

    DaTeacha Things are not what they seem. Forum Contributor

    Can you wrap some numbers on cheap and pricey?
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